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Oscar and Blood parrot tank

I currently have 3 blood parrots and a tiger oscar. I have a 175 gallon tank, my question is will my Oscar eat my parrot fish once he gets larger. My larger Parrot fish is 5 inches long, my other 2 are 2 and half inches, and My Oscar is 7 inches. My oscar is really a lot more friendly to the smaller parrot fish than my large one is. Right now my oscar shows no interest in eating them. Should I seperate them from my oscar?



normally they are incompatible but you have a big tank, depends how long they have been together, normally you don't just wake up one day to find incompatible fish are dead, there will be warning signs, you need to watch carefully and be prepared to ship some out if need be

Well the only ones that tustle a little is my large blood parrot and my oscar. They nip at each other every now and then,but most of the time they swim closely together and sleep together in the same cave. The parrot fish does not grow nearly as fast as the oscar cichlid, I just want to make sure my smaller parrot fish won't be eaten when my oscar gets larger.

the larger fish (oscar and parrot fish) have been together since they were babies. The two small blood parrots were raised together since they were fry but were introduced to the large tank a couple days ago.

normally I would advise anyone thinking of putting these two together not to bother, I have had Oscars and now parrots, normally the parrots end up terrorized, you need a large tank, I would just watch yours carefully , there is a good chance that your Oscar may turn on the parrots as they all grow bigger because the bigger they grow, the more room they each want to defend, but as I said ,you will see more and more warning signs and will have time to ship one or the other out,just get to know what is "normal "squabbling so you can intervene if it goes pear shaped,can you post pics?

Thanks for your advise, I will be posting pictures later, my three year old broke my camera so I need to buy another one. I have a 55 gallon in storage, I was going to sell it but I may keep it incase my oscar does turn on the parrot fish. They have 175 gallons, I refuse to buy a larger tank that that. But I will separate them.

i would set up the 55, and watch your fish. oscars have big mouths and can potentially kill parrots, but they are like parrots with each one being a little different. they have their own personalities and (just like with any cichlid) what works for one person may not work for everyone. i have a big male flowerhorn that is a mating pair with one of my parrots. they live together full time and get along pretty well. i was worried about my parrot and separated them for a couple weeks and she looked like she was sick until i put him back in with her. she went from an almostr white color back to her dark orange/ red in about an hour. BTW, flowerhorns are much meaner than oscars and this is not a normal situation. this is just an example of what works for me may not work for you. oscars do get huge though. i a 175, they should get 14 to 16 inches long. parrots top out at 8 to 10. i have seen lots of oscars with jack dempseys though and the size difference is similar.