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eggs in my tank

I am new to this site & also new to Parrtot Fish. I have had my parrot fish for about 1 1/2 years. I have them in a 25 gallon tank & they seem to like it. I noticed a lot of digging in the gravel and a few days later I see eggs all over the rocks. I have been reading the logs on this site & cannot seem to find one that tells how to fertilize the eggs. If the males are steril then how do the eggs get fertilized? Thanks for any help that any of you may offer.



blood parrots are hybrids, a cross between say a midas cichlid and a redheaded cichlid (this is another subject altogether)if the resulting fry are male they are sterile, if female they are fertile, there are some reports of blood parrots becoming fertile due to hormone treatments and occasionally there are reports of owners having a breeding pair(very unusual)welcome to our site

I was told at my LFS that the female will lay eggs on a rock then she will scoop them up in her cheeks. She will then follow the male around waiting for him to release the sperm. When he does, she will scoop it up and the fertilization will take place in her cheeks. She won't eat until they hatch. If the sperm is infertile, I don't know at what point she will give up and release the eggs.

The other poster is correct. Most BP's are sterile. But, there are some owners who report their BP's having fry. Maybe you will be one of the lucky ones:) I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

I found this on another site:

Parrot Cichlids are substrate-spawners, meaning that they lay their eggs on the ground or on a hard surface like the leaf of a plant or on driftwood. Eggs that are not fertilized will turn white with fungus. It's the job of the parents to eat the fungused eggs so it does not spread to the fertilized eggs. It's a common occurrence for all the eggs to be eaten because most males are sterile and the eggs are never fertilized.

Parental care then consists of guarding the eggs, fanning them to provide oxygenated water, then caring for the hatchlings (called wrigglers) which eventually become free swimming fry. Parrot cichlids are often devoted parents and the length of parental care may extend for weeks or even months. They are biparental, meaning both parents take care of the fry, though their exact roles may vary. In some South American species, there is a mixture of substrate spawning and mouthbrooding. We call these delayed mouthbrooders: they lay the eggs on the substrate, guard them for a while, and then pick up the young and mouthbrood them. This is exactly what Parrot Cichlids do.

Until recently, it has been though that Parrot Cichlids could not breed because the male was sterile. The pair go through the normal courtship but the eggs would never hatch. There has been rumors lately, that the fish farms are now introducing males that ARE able to fertilize the eggs. They are doing this by injecting them with a hormone that makes them fertile

my female parrots lays eggs every few weeks ,but they are not mouth incubators, she lays her eggs on a rock or in a cave or pot then guards her spot with the male, it is true that fish farms are injecting fish with hormones to induce fertility but the chances of having a fertile pair is still about 95-98% against this,more interestingly,there have been reports that male parrots are beginning to reproduce in the home aquarium although this is still so rare (I don't know of any) so for the moment at least, its fair to say that eggs laid by a pair of parrots wont hatch, also sometimes a pair may lay eggs and a passing interested other cichlid can sneak in to fertilise the eggs, giving the owner the impression that the pair of parrots are fertile

shaz is 100% correct. parrots are not mouth brooders. most african cichids are mouth brooders, but ther are very few new world mouthbrooders. alot of petstores group all cichlids together and hand out misinformation. the big chains are the worst. i started this hobby at petsmart and knew nothing about it. i left the store that day with a tank, and enough fish for 2 more tanks of the same size. they told me nothing of cycling a tank. need less to say, i started doing my own research and stopped asking them anything. i do ask now just to see what kind of answer i will get, but i know exactly what i am buying before i walk through the door now.

the male blood parrot is usually sterile but the females aren't. There have been cases where female blood parrots have had their eggs fertilized by another type of fish.
When my blood parrot layed eggs ,she just hovered over them until a fungus got all over the eggs, I then took the siphon hose and removed the eggs from the tank. After I took out the eggs, this fish sulked for a few days, she would not eat or anything.

female parrots are prolific egg layers and will spawn with any suitable male cichlid in the tank, just read over sunnysdads posts about "junior"

the six BP's i have currently is actually given by my aunt who had successfully bred pure BLOOD PARROT fish. which means the parents of the BP's i am having now are both blood parrot fishes. my aunt decided to give up her fishes and fish tank cos the pair(the deceased parents of my 6 BP's) kept laying eggs which are fertile and they like have laid over 4 batches of fries (over 1000fries). amazing but true. however, in the end, only about a few(5-6) manage to survive. it is really true that not all male are sterile.

I has a pair of parrot fish lay eggs on the woods in a 4 ft tank with divider mixing with are the parrot fishs Please tell me what should i do

could a BP female's eggs be fertilized by a jack dempsey? if so, what kind of fish would come out?

yes, one mean fish!!

yes, one mean fish!!