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introducing flowerhorn to blood parrots.......

hi, i have 6 parrot fish ( at around 3-4 inches). i wish to introduce a flowerhorn(at around 1 inch). i wanted to introduce them to each other but is afraid that they might fight. what should i do? any comments?



type "flowerhorn" into our search box, sunnydad has experience of this

thank u very much for ur help! :)

do monitor them... flower horns can really inflict a lot of damage when they are in breeding phases!

the flowerhorn won't be the problem at this size. when it gets bigger, and that happens at an amazing pace, that is when you will have issues. you will need another tank to put the FH into. if you have a male, it may pair with a female parrot and you will be able to keep them together for a while. i am lucky to have a male FH that is not as crazy as most, so he lives with his female parrot full time. female FH are very aggressive too. sometimes they (all FH) live in community tanks peacefully and then one day snap and kill everything in the tank. you will need to pay close attention to your tank and make sure that you are not seeing alot of aggression and wounds on your parrots. i breed FH and even fry are aggressive toward each other. i have a tank that started with about 50 to 60 kamfa (fh X bp) fry and they usually kill about 2 a week. they vary in size between 1.5 and 3 inches. if you have any questions i will be glad to help. i know quite a few tricks to breed them without anyone dying and tricks to help reduce aggression. here is one: keep your tank temp at 78F. when it is over 80, it increases aggression and breeding behavior.

now, my problem isn't with introducing the FH to the BP's (divided the tank with a divider). however, i have a very strange prob. my FH is sort of "harassing" my BP's. my FH would somehow find it's way to get through the divider and go to thne other part of the tank (where my BP's live). why is it doing so? any comments???

most flowerhorns are super aggressive. your FH is too small to contain with the divider but, they grow about 1 inch a month so it should be too big to go through the divider soon. flowerhorns and bp are not really a good combo unless you get them to pair. even then, the pair will need their own tank.