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Help! My BRP is a bully! =D

Hi! We aquired a beautiful, large Red Blood Parrot Cichlid in March and just love him! We happened to be in the right place at the right time at a pet store when someone was returning him because they ran out of room. My problem is, he (or she??) has done wonderfully in our 75 gallon tank along with 3 oscars and two eels. No complaints, it's a beautiful tank...until recently! One of our Oscars has gotten very large in a short amount of time (the same size of our Parrot, about 8 inches) and now the Parrot is picking on him non-stop! Nipping, body slapping, you name it. Obviously I can't train them to leave each other alone! =D but I really want them both to be happy. My question is, I have a 30 gallon tank set up, would anyone recommend putting a RBP in a 30 all alone? Or would I be better off moving the Oscar? Eventually (next month) I will get another bigger tank, but for now will either of them be okay in a 30 without anyone else? Or will my RBP be painfully lonely? I know, I can't help it, I put too many "feelings" into my fish, but we really think they're all so beautiful and such an asset to our home, that I want them to be as happy as they've made us! If anyone can suggest how to "make them" get along, or can give me an opinion of putting one of the two fish in just a 30 gallon, please let me know. I want to do the right thing, but can't swing another large tank setup for another 5 weeks. Thank you!!!



Oscars and parrots are not compatible (in general,) often the problem occurs as they mature because as they get bigger, so does the territory they defend, to be fair it is usually the Oscar who wins,because the parrot doesn't actually have ant teeth to defend itself,it is the best idea to move one,as you could lose one or the other, I would suggest the parrot, you can then add a few compatible fish like Cory's or/giant danios if you want although your parrot will be fine alone ,when you get your bigger tank,I would put your Oscar into that and your parrot and any dither fish into back into your 75gall, you could then add another parrot at the same time,which is a good idea as they will all be new to that tank and be able to establish new territories, ps I have kept both Oscars and parrots and suspect it is only a matter of time before your Oscar retaliates, let us know what happens

I knew what the answer was going to be even before I asked it, but thank you so much for responding! I guess my biggest worry is keeping our Parrot in only a 30 for 5 weeks...doesn't seem big enough, but it's what I have to do until I can get another tank! Good to know that he'll be fine alone for a while! And it would always be neat to get another Parrot, they're such beautiful fish! =D Thank you again and good luck with your parrot and oscars! I'll let you know how everything goes with the move!

you misunderstand, I used to have Oscars, now I have 4 parrots, I had two parrots in a 40 gal tank with dither fish for two years without any problems,not ideal and you have to keep on top of your water changes,aeration etc, but its the best solution for now, in fact ,you could get your other parrot fish now and keep both in 30gall if its only for 5 or 6 weeks,expect to see different behaviour ie hiding etc but if you are getting another, its always best to do it when moving to a different tank so they are both "newbies!if you don't want another parrot just yet I would add a couple of dither fish anyway,parrots seem happier swimming in open water when there are other fish about

It iritates me every time I go into petco, they have several parrots and oscars housed in the same tank. This is mis-leading consumers that they can be safely house together.

I understand! For us it was Petsmart and I was totally convinced that they would get along great. Now I have my beautiful parrot and 3 oscars that are "so-so" and looking for another tank. My real problem is that I just can't get rid of the oscars (even though they're not as beautiful as Tangi (bp) they are still part of the "family"! LOL!)...that alone would make my life easier then trying to figure out another tank etc. We already have 3 tanks comes number 4 and watch my husband flip!!

I have 4 parrots and 3 gold severums and a 12" plecostomus in my 150 gallon tank. They all get a long well. The parrots and severums are all about 6" in length. They all have room to swim even though they will grow several more inches in length

I had an oscar which I moved it into a 30 gallon tank, he hated it even though it was only 6". I did'nt have anywhere elst to put him so I gave it to the local fish store.

the parrot would be fine in the 30. also, the parrot cannot hurt your oscar. the oscars may pick on the parrot at some point, but i think your oscars will be fine. i would set up the other tank and fill it with water from a water change in your current tank so it cycles faster. your parrot will not be lonely. it will beg and have more personality by itself IMO.

oscars need big tanks and should NEVER be kept in anything less than a 75. they are huge fish (14"+) and they have a hard time turning around in anything less.