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Can you please post your question?

I was in a hurry and I had never posted before. I must have done something wrong (obviously). I re-posted it as a new post but this is what it was.

I have a 44 gallon tank. In it I have 1 small catfish, 3 white clouds, 1 cardinal, 9 tetras and a platy. I would love to get a BP. I just fell in love with them in the store. They made me smile every time I watch them. Anyway, I was wondering if I should get one or two of them. I have no plans on upgrading my tank. I'm thinking I should just get the one but I don't know if they would be lonely. Would one be less aggressive than if I got two of them? Would they prefer a companion? Would they get along with the fish I already have or should I give some of them to my daughter? Could I also get a pleco? Any suggestions would be appreciated.