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Red Parrot Disease Help.

Hi Guys,

I wondered whether you might be able to help me identify my Red Parrot's disease.

I have a large Red Parrot Cichlid which I have had for about 7 years & has developed a 3/4mm white spot on its head recessed slightly in an indentation.

I firstly thought it might be white spot when it first appeared so I treated the tank with Protozine with little or no affect, after reading about other Cichlid diseases on the internet another possible disease I read about was hole in the head disease or a bacterial / fungal infection, so I left it a few days & then did a 35% water change & treated the tank with Hexamita with again little or no affect.

The spot is still there & seems to have got slightly bigger & split into two bits, there doesn't appear to be any others anywhere else & the fish is lively although slightly off her food.

This one has me a bit baffled & I can't seem to find a match anywhere for the infection / disease & would very much appreciate any advice on this one.

Thank you in advance,



I would keep treating as bacteral , however, take a look at this site, something might help, let us know how you get on - 106k

Thanks for your advice,
I will do another water change & treat again with Hexamita - will let you know the results in a few days time :-)

good luck, did you read the thread on the fish forum? some one else had a fish with a white spot that wasn't ich or HITH etc

Yes I had a read of some of the posts from the link that you posted thanks.
Lymphocystis was mentioned as a possible match but after some investigation it doesn't look like some of the picture examples that I found & a lot of mention of infection to the fins which is not present with my Cichlid.
It doesn't seem to be getting any worse so I'm going to carry on with the treatment for a bacterial infection for now & see what happens.
Thanks once again & will let you know what happens :-)

Hi Shaz,
Just thought I'd post an update on my Parrot's infection / disease.
I have now treated the tank twice with Hexamita & left for a few days which has had little or no effect on the white spot.
The problem doesn't appear to be spreading, she is very active but is not eating very much food.
Definitely has me baffled this one so going to try an alternative bacteria treatment.
Will keep you updated.

If you can ,I would suggest doing your water change every three days, once a week should be normal upkeep, it does sound a type of HITH ,another name is lateral line erosion, remember, any medication can take a time to work, you wont see the effect in a few days, also ,it wont do any harm to feed a vitamin, if you cant find any vitamin enriched flake just crush a multivite tab in a little tank water and soak some pellets in it, the pellets will absorb it, hows she looking?

Hi Guys,
Thanks once again for all your advice.
I am inclined to agree with you regarding the diagnosis of HITH, she hasn't got any worse & now the white infection present in the indentation on her head is now more of a yellow colour.
She went very pale for a couple of days so I have left the aquarium alone for a week after the last medication & performed another water change & she has regained her colour & is eating a little now.
I have been out today & bought some Waterlife Octozin HITH treatment which is in a dissolvable tablet format & not a liquid format as the previous Elsa Hexamita treatment as I was told that sometimes the liquid form treatments can have a limited shelf life & lose their strength so I thought I would give this a try & hope for some better results,
This is a three day treatment so I will monitor her over the next few days & post an update :-)

Im glad there is some improvement, I am a great believer in water changes as a fist line of defence rather than chemicals, you can continue to do changes while medicating, you need to take out the carbon, once shes better,I would continue to do frequent changes anyway,the other thing Iv come across is the recommendation not to feed too much protein based food, there's research which seems to show a connection between this and HITH, don't know the truth in that, but its a thought, keep us updated

Hi Mike,

I was wondering if you managed to find a cure for your fish ? I have the exact same problem. I've tried treating it with three different medications over the last few weeks and it only appears to be getting steadily worse. The most recent was a fungus treatment. I don't know what to try next.
Thank you,

Hi Michelle,

I think we must be in a similar position, I too have now treated my tank with three different treatments ranging from White Spot treatment originally, then Hexamita for hole in the head / bacteria infections & recently with a anti-fungus / finrot treatment.

The problem that I'm finding is that it doesn't exactly match any infection / disease that I've read about so I am also doing a 25 / 30% water change every week / 10 days to make sure that water quality is good.

After the fungus treatment (3 days ago) it does look slightly better but hasn't gone away so I'm now wondering how long to leave it before I treat again or whether I should?

Frustrating isn't it :-/

I will see what it looks like in a few more days & let you know :-)


it sounds like HITH to me. make sure you are doing weekly 50% water changes and feeding a varied diet. most cichlid pellets are good enough. HITH is the old term for the disease. there is a newer term for it. it is easily prevented, but hard to cure. it is not a killer in larger cichlids, but it is ugly. the first suggestions are the prevention. high nitrates and or a high protien/no veggie diet are thought to be some of the main contributers to the disease. i will repeat that it is very hard to cure and clean water is IMPORTANT.