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BP has a red tube sticking out just before the back dorsal fin

It may be the egg tube, but i have seen it before and it is white...I am concerned that this is infected and that it may not be able to defecate due to its infected nature...

Anyone experience this before? Thank you for your help in advance!



can you post a pic? it could be the egg tube and that could be red if it is infected, ps have you any male fish in with her?

i took a few today...will post them ASAP. I believe i have 2 females. They have both laid eggs (infertile of course).

awaiting pics, meanwhile,the vent is next to the egg tube, if its an infected vent it will look larger,and red, PS does it look "fuzzy", if its the egg tube ,in general I think it will look the same colour as the fish underbelly,unless you can see any "fuzz" you could treat for both egg bound and constipation,keep doing partial water changes, you could try a Epsom salt bath, add veggies to the diet, thawed, shelled frozen peas are good,consider a anti biotic treatment as a last resort, and the addition of a suitable male cichlid will trigger her to drop her eggs in future, how is she now?

she is doing well...still swimming and eating, i will keep on with the partial water changes, and I will try the peas...what types of veggies are good for them (besides peas)...i am also having trouble uploading the pics to this site...what is your e-mail address? Mine is Thank you for all your help!

our members find that their fish eat all sorts, blanched spinach is a good one,