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fungus won't go away

My Parrots have been fighting a fungus about 3 weeks. I went to our local fish store and they told me to use Fungus Elinminator. The first two doses seemed to do the trick. I noticed yesterday that it is back and today saw thier fins are looking tattered. The fungus they have is all over thier bodies and little spots on their fins. I have done partial water changes. The first was 25% and the second I did about 35%. Can anyone suggest a better medication I can use? They seem to be acting normal. Appetites are great and they play as usual. Any advice would be morethan appreciated!



try salt and rid ich, but whatever you use, expect it to take a while and give the whole recommended dose and days of treatment, keep on with REGULAR partial water changes, and dont forget to recalulate meds when adding new water,can you post a picture? see if your med from the pet shop is also suitable for fin rot (may have this as a secondary infection,or just a result of rubbing against things if their scales feel irritated)

you need to remove all the carbon from your filters. and continue dosing them for 2 weeks after the symptoms have gone away. i have used the method that shaz suggested and it worked for me. my fishes fins looked like melted plastic with cotton coming off them.

Read this----

DISEASE - Highly Contagious. Caused by various species of aquatic fungi, including Saprolegnia and Achlya SYMPTOMS- Fish would stop eating and lethargic. Fins and/or tail seem to be getting shorter or falling apart and dissolving. Fins may be clumped, color may be pale.Gray, brown or white cotton-wool-like growths or tufts on the skin. Begins as a small patch but can develop and quickly kill the fish. TREATMENT- Quarantine sick fish. Do large water change. Use fungus remedy. Treat the whole tank but isolate and treat heavily infected fish separately. Methylene blue, Acriflavine and fungus eliminator by Jungle Fungus can also be used. PREVENTION - Water change, water change and more water change. Check water parameters. Bad water quality and fish with physical damage usually encourage the onset of the disease. Always quarantine doubtful looking fish. Avoid cross-tank contamination. Washing hand with anti-bacterial soap before or after touching sick or dead fish. Bleach all tanks/accessories after fish died or healed.

I have a very good idea how my tank was contaminated. I deal wish fish at work and the cold water tanks came down with the same fungus. When all this mess started I came home and started working on my tank. I believe some of the bacteria was still under my fingernails. I thought I had washed my hands good good enough;I even go so far as to wash my arms. I will now be keeping my nails very short as I don't want my babies getting sick again. Iam also going to treat longer this time. I wasn't aware with this it could take so long to treat. This is the first time I have had to deal with fungus. Thank you so much for your help and I will post on how thier treatment is progressing.

Its the same with humans, you need to take the complete course of antibiotics for it to be effective,at least you know the cause, I once put my hands in after using white spirit,didn't lose the fish thank god but it taught me a lesson