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Different Types of Parrot Cichlids

Hey all. I was wondering whether anyone here has had the pleasure of owning any one of the various parrot fish as outlined by the History of the parrot cichlid article and on the Happy Breeding farm website. What exactly separates a regular parrot from a King Kong Parrot from a Red mammon and a Red Ingot. Neither the site or the article fully clarified this for me. Are they all just further refined versions of our beloved tank puppies or are the crosses of parrots and something else. Do they behave the same as your regular parrot? Bah so many questions lol. The Red Mammon seems like a wonderful fish and I'd really want to own one someday.

Just for fun a picture of Kazimierz digging. Notice the airpump tube in the back


no idea what the difference is, but i really like those fish with the bumps on their head

yah those are the red mammon. it kind of looks like they are a parrot flowerhorn mix. but redheaded cichlids and red devils also have head bumps and if those are what the parrot is a cross of then the appearance is explainable. i was looking it up on google and apparantly those things go for $500 and they come with a certificate of authenticy because it seems to be a variation of the parrot cichlid exclusive to that breeder

from what i have seen the king kong parrots get HUGE like 2-3 time as big as a normal parrots.

from what i have seen the king kong parrots get HUGE like 2-3 time as big as a normal parrots.

so are kk parrots just bigger blood parrots then?

i guess so i cant see a difference in them, but the ones i have see get massive and the cost like 50-75$ where as a normal parrot is only 25$. i dont know what they are bred with to get them that way.

king kong parrots are bp x red devil. the red ingots and red mammons are the highest quality parrots. if you can find one to buy they are at least 300 US. the one in the article that looks like a bright red flowerhorns are easier to find. they are on red mammons seen to be easier to find on aquabid than the red ingot. maybe i am just missing them, but they are always expensive.

thanks for explaining. I'm guessing most parrots out there aren't the "highest" quality then. Could they coexist? I would like to get me hands on one sometime in the future to mix with my parrots when I upgrade my tank and maybe find a little more cash :P

the only parrots that i would worry about are king kong parrots (most can close their mouths) and any other that can close their mouths. you will need to buy color enhancing food to keep them red. even red mammon fade to dark orange without color enhancers.
about the "high quality" it is mostly just about the color. if they are called blood red parrots they charge 3 times as much. blood parrots can be found for 8 dollars or so. i have seen blood reds for as much as 50. usually around 25 though.

cool cool, u seem to know quite a bit have u ever owned a mammon or kk? are u saying because they close their mouths that they become a problem in terms of being better equip to grap most of the food and to bite and nip? if mammons are just another kind of parrot wut causes the flowerhorn like hump?

i think it is the ingots that get the hump, but i might be wrong. most parrots are aggressive but it really doesn't matter because they can't bite down. i know people who do have mammons but no ingots. mammons act like bps but look alot nicer.

all bp have red devil in them. not just blood red parrots.

cool cool thanks for the comment. i believe the ingots are the "coin" parrots which means more circular so the mammons have the humps. good point about the red devil heritage. then iguess kks are more red devil then "parrot"

yes i have one of the blood red parrots and i was lucky i got it small like 1-2 inches so i only paid 25 for mine but i also have a normal yellow one and she was 11. and i can tell a big difference in them besides color. but my blood red has beautiful fins and is a even color through out his body. my normal is yellow and some places are darker then others and i have notice she is more prone to black spot then the blood red is. my blood red one is also VERY aggressive. and has killed several dithers and will not let my hand in the tank and will even attack my 1yr olds hand on the out side of the tank. i was told that he was part parrot part red devil. so i am hoping that this is not true being as sunnydad said this means that it may be a kk, and i don't have the room for a 100+ gallon tank. but that would explain how aggressive he is. the other one is very passive.