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Parrot not eating and acting strange?

One of my bigger parrots, about 6 inches in length hasn't ate in about 3 days while the rest of the fish gobble it all down. On top of that, he sticks to one spot at the top of the tank in front of the filter and faces the filter, and somewhat swims against the current. Once I walk up towards the tank, he(or she?) notices me and starts swimming or sinks towards the bottom of the tank. Then when I "leave" he comes back up and sticks to his same spot. Now this morning my other smaller parrot started doing the same thing! The only difference is when I feed them the smaller parrot will come up and immediately eat the food. What is wrong with my parrots? I'm stunned and confused and I do not know how old the fish are since they were given to me by an older woman who could no longer maintain the tank. The pH level is at 7.6, I've been doing 40% water changes and have added conditioning salt to the tank and still no improvements. I have melafix on me, but I'm reluctant to add it in. Anyone have any suggestions as to why they're acting like this? I don't want to lose the bigger parrot since he hasn't ate in a few days! I have included a picture of their strange behavior.



how long have you had these fish? if it wasnt for the parrot not eating ,I would say not to worry about the behaviour, they are territorial and pick a spot, mine sits on top of a cave, or, it could be that they can see their own reflections in the glass and think its another fish, oes he flare out his gills?or maybe it is female and has eggs somewhere near, don't add medication yet, keep on with the water changes and try different foods, have you tried live foods? it may be doing all its feeding when you aren't looking, I have a little one who stays in one spot then rushes out to grab food but goes back behind the plants to eat it, if it sits on the bottom with clamped fins then you may have to intervene, but as far as behaviour goes, thats a parrot for you

If I remember correctly. I have been continuing to do the water changes and my parrot is now finally swimming around and is not sticking to one spot. The small problem we're trying to get over is when it's feeding time he'll stare at the food, looks like he's ready to jump up and grab it but changes his mind and just stares at it... then by that time another fish has swam by and taken it. He's done it more than once and I just wish he would at least get something in his system, it's been 6 days now and I'm just concerned. So I guess the only thing I can do is keep doing the water changes?

i would go back and ask the store where you purchased him what they gave their parrots. maybe he doesnt like the food you are giving him. does it sink? i have one that wont eat anything off the top of the water while another likes the food that floats so i feed 2 kinds. and the have one type that they love that i give 2 times a week its a sinking pellet that is shrimp. its for corycats but they seem to love it. just like us they dont like some foods.

hey shaz just for future reference what do u mean by clamped fins. hey 1f-looksculdkill, i hope ur parrot gets better soon

I dont know if I made that one up but what I meant was when the fish holds its fins close to its body instead of them being upright or spread out

thanks shaz, good to know

by the look of your picture your parrot has black spots has it always had those because they can often be an indication of high levels of ammonia. also the fact thast he is sitting at the top of the aquarium, does he look like he is breathing heavily? because that is another key sign of high ammonia or nitrite...Be sure to test your parameters and as shaz said keep doing the water changes...Saz taught me alot about parrot care she is a smart lady

He's not breathing hard, it tends to be lethargic.

by the look of your picture your parrot has black spots has it always had those because they can often be an indication of high levels of ammonia. also the fact thast he is sitting at the top of the aquarium, does he look like he is breathing heavily? because that is another key sign of high ammonia or nitrite...Be sure to test your parameters and as shaz said keep doing the water changes...Shaz taught me alot about parrot care she is a smart lady

i also didnt see any air, like bubbles. do you have any? he could be sitting under the filter because that is where the most oxygen is. but then i would also think that he would be gasping at the water line. mine like to swim in the bubbles like they are against the current. maybe thats what he is doing? but still if you dont have a bubbler you need to get one.

There's an air stone in the tank, the picture of the fish have blocked the view of it, the smaller parrot likes to play in it and the big one used to too, but since he's been down he doesn't anymore.

so, some improvement then?,its good that he is swimming about,keep at the water changes,what food do you feed, try food that stays in one place, I sometimes tip live foods into a feeding ring,which is suctioned to the glass, or try bits of crab sticks,these sink,does he pick up from the floor? what about trying those gel type feeding blocks which don't disperse too quickly, that should give him a chance to think it out ,shelled peas sometimes attract,have those little dark areas gone, it may be because hes under stress and should go with water changes and as he improves, keep testing your water ,be careful not to overfeed in a attempt to get him to feed, maybe if he hasn't been well, he doesn't feel like competing for it, try changing the feeding time,

I decided to hang out by the tank today instead of sitting in the study room to get some studying done so I could closely monitor him. He still stares at the back of the glass but he's starting to become more social again. But the best news so far, he's finally eating something. I started trying out certain foods that were included when I was given the tank, they don't like pellets but love flake food, minus my big guy who will still stare at it and change his mind. So I decided to drop in some algae wafers to see if he would eat those and sure enough he's now at the bottom of the tank picking at the wafers and competing with the other parrot to eat it. I'm so ecstatic now! How long should I continue to do the daily water changes?

has your water always tested ok?if there was no problem with it and you have been doing daily changes to make your fish feel better then I would change depending on tank size and no of fish, I would try two 30% ones a week or one 50%, keep testing weekly for a while,well done for doing these changes while your fish was unwell, its difficult to fit in, if there was any problems before(guess not as only one fish was ill) watch carefully for any signs illness returning,try lots of different foods,peas, live, sinking, floating,a good variety

awesome news, glad to hear theyre ok

water change frequency depends on how big of a tank you have and how many fish are in it. there are other factors too like how much you feed and how much is uneaten. flake foods make a mess of filters and water if uneaten or if your fish are messy eaters.

is there an aggressive fish in your tank? most cichlids do this to surrender to a more aggressive tank mate. i am not saying that this is what is happening, but it could be. the surrendering doesn't work the aggressor usually continues beating on the weak fish so you might think about moving the fish to a separate tank if you have one. if it is disease, you don't want it spread to the rest of your fish.

I'm afraid it's a turn towards the bad. I have been maintaining the water changes and have been testing the water. He only ate once but I am not sure if he ate again since I wasn't able keep a constant eye on him but it seems like he's turning pale and has developed more black spots on him. He also just started having a hard time staying upright and tends to lean to the left a little but he fights it to stay upright. I'm feeling a little discouraged. Shaz help!

post all of your water results, although if all your other fish are OK its unlikely to be anything there,(what other fish are in there? if you have a spare tank, move your fish ,keep on with water changes, it wont do any harm and will help to make your fish comfortable,the fact that hes now struggling to stay upright and still not eating is not good, have you seen him poo or does he look swollen at all,you could perhaps try a anti bacterial medication such as recommended for swim bladder(swim bladder is just a general term for one symptom IE, not swimming upright, the reasons for it are numerous) and it could be internal parasites try flubenol 15I (shops that sell discus stock it) I don't think you have anything to lose but test your water first as adding meds when not sure what is the problem can make things worse, if your fish sits on the bottom and fins look droopy and he doesn't react when you touch him then Im afraid ,in view of the fact that hes stopped eating,you may lose him ,read over everyone's ideas again,I will keep thinking too, if you decide in time that hie is getting worse and he is suffering , send me a private message, I can advise you of what you can do but lets hope he picks up again,

Sorry all, unfortunately my parrot passed away and it was just his time. He was getting worse and by the time I came home from class he had passed away. Thank you to EVERYONE who contributed to trying to help, I took everyones help into consideration. I just have my one parrot for the moment since parrots aren't available in the petstores right now. Thanks again everyone.