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purple blood parrots

Hey sunnysdad or shaz or anyone that knows. Are their such things as purple parrots? They are a deep red color. If so, are they died? Also, are the lemons died? Thank you, robsterparrot.


the DEEP red ones are not dyed and they are called purple parrots. its the light crayon colored ones that are dyed. the light yellow ones are also dyed but there are also real yellow ones as well. i have one. you can usually tell the difference. the real yellow ones are a darker yellow where as the dyed ones are like a candy color and most small parrots that i have seen that are yellow, have some black places on them from where they haven't turned their full color yet so if its small and a crisp yellow and no other markings i would be worried. also if they sell other parrots that are dyed then i wouldn't buy from them anyways because you cant be sure if maybe yours was dyed at one time and then just grew out of it. but either way if it was done in the past then the fish isn't going to be as healthy because of what happened in its early life.

Thank you pinkmandie. I looked them up on the internet and thought they were true purple parrots, but every pet store has told me the red ones are all dyed,so I was confused and skeptical. I saw one in Columbus and I actually drove an hour to get it. They wanted $50 for it, and the guy told me it would kill my angelfish so I didn't get it. Now I can't find one anywhere,any suggestions? I even tried the internet. That's scary though because you can't see it first. Thanks again,

see my post on dyed fish ,if you go to that site you can find a list of LFS in your area who has signed up to the campaign against dyed fish and have a certificate to show they do not supply stock dyed fish, you will know that any fish they have (or will be able to order for you) will be dye free

Thank you shaz, I will do that.

most of the "purple" blood parrots are red. they are not dyed just higher grade. it is a trade name. trade names: purple = red, blood red=orange, blood parrot = lighter orange, yellow, or whitish. if they are actually purple, they are dyed. no green, blue, unnatural looking yellows. anything that looks too good to be true, probably is.

Thank you sir. I don't want to take part in any fish that has been dyed. It's just plain wrong, period.

ur absolutely right. i hate the kinds of things they do to fish! i love my bps and i cant imagine not having them, even though their a hybrid. but sometimes i read about things they do or have done to them and other fish, and it makes me wonder. there r so many beautiful, colorful, fish in the world, i dont know why they have to tourture fish just to make new ones.

true undyed purple parrots are really hard to find!

Thanks for the info fireopal. I thought I finally found one, but I think it is a red blood. I had to special order it. They said it was a purple blood, but it hasn't started to change from orange at all. It is only about 2 1/2" in length. I saw one in Columbus Ohio, but they wanted $50 for it so I didn't buy it. I sure wish I would have now though. Hopefully the one I supposedly have will start to darken up. Thanks again, R.

you can find the red mammon and red ingot parrots on aquabid. they are very expensive though. 300+ dolars is way too much for any fish IMO. i saw one on my other site that a guy was asking if he should buy for $50, but it had hole in the head. i have only seen the purple "dark red" parrots in the store once. i didn't buy one because they were the ones with the tail cut off.