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I'm new & so are my BPs

Hi everyone!
Ever since I saw these fish at a pet store, it was love at first sight! So I've been reading up on these guys and found this site and loved it. I finally got me a pair yesterday and am so excited! They were so funny when I first put them into the tank. They just about explored every nook and cranny of the aquarium which gave me some good oppurtunities to take some pics and videos until they found their "safe place" and settled in.
So I have them in a 29 gallon tank right now which I know I'll have to upgrade to something bigger when they do, and a few artificial plants. By this weekend I plan to get some more decorations for them the be able to use and background. Any suggestions?
I'll attach some pictures I took of them! Let me know what you think. Enjoy!
The Aquarium
Here they are! This kind of shows how big they are. I have a cropped version of this one at the bottem.
Seeing double!
Their "safe place"
No names yet. Waiting to see their personality a bit more, but already the yellow one seems to be the leader. The pink one would follow him/her around like a lost puppy lol
My BPs!


welcome to you, parrots must have hiding places so look for pots, caves and decor with holes, don't be surprised when you put these in, if your fish disappear into them and don't come out for a while, you can see they need something by the way they are trying to get into the plant, lovely pictures and fish.

aww that is an adorable picture of them hiding inside that plant of theirs. the colour on ur lemon parrot looks really nice

Hi there paulmer87, this is robsterparrot. I was just curious to know if that aquarium is a brand new set-up, or is it already established? It looks brand new, and I was just worried about the bacterial cycle which the tank will have to go throuh before it is a safe living environment for less hardy fish. Come back now ya hear. robsterparrot.

hey there, r u talking about the picture i posted earlier ? if so than no the tank is not new and has been cycled. thanks for the welcome. i'm always on this site looking for anything new i can learn :)

hey there, r u talking about the picture i posted earlier ? if so than no the tank is not new and has been cycled. thanks for the welcome. i'm always on this site looking for anything new i can learn :)

Ok here's an new pic of the aquarium with new places for them to hide =]

I bought the aquarium used and it came with everything except the gravel and new decorations. I've been testing the water for the last two days now and the ammonia is very low. I did about a 25% water change yesterday and will again tomorrow and continue as needed. I'm also going to get some filter media from my aunt's cichlid tank on monday to help seed mine to help the process along. I'm still in the process of learning but I think I'm on the right track now.

Hi again. I thought that looked like a new set-up. Your bacterial cycle will not begin until you put fish in it. I always like to CYCLE my new tanks with cheap, hardy fish for about a month before introducing more expensive and meaningful fish. That is about how long it will take your tank to cycle. Along with the media, I would recommend a cycling product as well. I have always liked biozyme. It is a concentrated bacteria. It will help speed up the process. Also you might try adding about 4 or 5 zebra danios to help cycle the tank along. Do you know what those fish are? They are the cheapest, most hardy fish I know of. They can be removed after the tank is established. You will first experience high amm. levels, then high nitrites. After that you should be ok, but watch out for those. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. I hope everything goes smoothly. By the way, is that lemon parrot dyed or natural?

Ok so you think adding the danios will help? I'm don't want to put too much in too quick. I'm probably going to go to the LPS tomorrow to get the water tested and I might pick up some biozyme & try it. Thanks!

I don't believe the lemon is & I hope not, it was in a tank with others that had & hadn't changed colors yet. I picked him because he was the only one that shade of yellow, but he's already starting to have more of an orange tint. I'll try and get a new pic of him, he's more shy than the other one which I think is going to be the bully lol. She gaurds the smaller rock cave & wont share but the lemon wants to be close so he sits in the plants along the outside. But if she sees him, she chases him off, but he always goes back over there lol. Here's a pic of her (i don't know there sexes yet)


Yes, I would add a few more fish for sure. I used to recommend 6 fish to cycle a 10 gallon aquarium. It will take longer with fewer fish, and have longer lasting high levels of amm. and nitrites. I think those zebras run between $.80 and $1.20. You could also use serpae, black, or silver tip tetras. Those are somewhat attractive, and all very hardy. Rob

do not add any more fish until your tank cycles. it will just end up being more work for you and will not make any difference. you have plenty of fish to cycle a 29. they are goingto be 8 inches long at some point. i have cycled alot of tanks and if you load the tank up with fish, you will end up losing alot of fish and doing daily or nearly daily water changes to keep you ammonia and nitrite from spiking. besides, you already have too many fish in your tank. 2 bps in a 29 will be ok for about 3 months. then they will grow slower and end up stunted if you leave them in there.
the best thing to do is to try to get some dirty water and gravel from a ug filter to jumpstart the bacteria in your tank. my firs tank i added alot of fish and it was a nightmare for 8 weeks trying to cycle the tank and keep my fish alive. my ammonia would shoot up over night and my wife was so sick of me changing water that she wanted me to get rid of the fish. do your self a favor and wait until this tank cycles before buying more fish. when you buy your bigger tank, i know tricks to cycle your tank in a week with an establish tank. cycle this one and then i will help you when you buy the bigger one.

ok thanks alot sunnysdad! i wasn't planning on getting more, cause i've been researching stuff about the cycle and don't want to overdue it.

Question for anyone! What's a good ammonia testing brand? I have api right now and it only shows low colors for 0 and 2.25, no in between, so i have no idea what is because the ammonia shows up as slightly darker than 0 but lighter than 2.25

i like the wardley master kit. the api set is good, but it doesn't have any way to help you figure out toxic ammonia levels. tests check for total ammonia and depending on your ph and temp, only some of the ammonia is actually toxic. ph levels below 7 are safer for cycling your tank.

Hey tx_honey and sunnysdad, this is robsterparrot. I left you a reply to the new tank chat. Somehow it ended up on the story thing down below. Thanks, robsterparrot.

DON'T BUY MORE FISH YET!!! wait until your tank cycles. you have plenty of fish in there to cycle it and they will end up being too much for that tank anyway. the more fish you add now, the more work you will have to do while the tank cycles. if you have high ph tap water it is even worse. the more fish, the faster that your ammonia will reach toxic levels and the more water changes you will have to do. every water change you do while your tank is cycling slows down the process. bp are very hardy and can survive the cycling process just fine. to make the process faster, you could get a bucket of dirty water from a friend with a tank. have the friend deep gravel vacuum his tank and dump that water into your tank at your next water change. you can use his old filters too. once this tank cycles, you can use it to cycle your bigger tank when you get it. i cycled a 100 gallon tank in 6 days using a method i will tell you about when the time comes.

i say this from personal experience. i added tooo many fish during the cycing process on my first tank and it was a nightmare for 2 months. my wife wanted me to get rid of the tank. the ammonia would rise so fast and i ended up having to do daily water changes and that makes it take much longer. luckily my tap water has a low ph so the level of toxic ammonia in my total ammonia level is very low. if you do have high ph water, buy some boglog to put into your tank. it looks nice and lowers ph naturally. it makes a huge difference what your ph is when talking about ammonia. what isn't even stressful to fish at a ph of 6 can be deadly at a ph of 7.6. if you can find a wardley professional water test lab, that is the best for cycling tanks. it gives the formula to figure out toxic ammonia from total ammonia and the ammonia test doesn't give false positives if you have to use an ammonia neutralizer.

all of this is good advice so don't worry. the tank is only 29 gallons and too small for 2 parrots for life. if the tank was larger you would be spot on.

sorry for the double post. it gave me a fatal error and it didn't post both times so i gave up. then i came back to the site a few hours later to find both posts here.

everyone has their own ideas of how to do things here, about 90% of what you read is correct but for absolutely correct advise you would need to go to a vet (or the fishy equivalent), it s a mix of what works, its up to the individual to decide what to do, also what works for one may not work for another, I love it when some one has a idea while the rest of us ponder, its what I call the"light bulb moment" i have found so much out by reading everyone's posts and comments(yes, I do also have a life!!)