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ph levels

would a ph of 6.2 kill you parrot fish i got the water tested and they told me my water was fine just had the low ph


6.2 is fine. as long as it is between 6-8 and stedy, it will be fine. just make sure to do regular weekly water changes so the ph doesn't do huge swings and your parrots will be fine.

i think that is fine...

BPs are not that sensitive to pH as long as there are no sudden fluctuation..

even though a pH 6 and a pH 7 is just a difference of 1 number, the pH scale is actually on a log scale.. so a difference of 1 (on the pH scale) is equivalent to 10 times, a difference of 2 (on the pH scale) is therefore 100 times

my fishes scales were starting to turn black before the parrot fish died what would this indicate