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OSI Blood Red Parrot Pellets

Ok guys where on earth do you all get your food? i have been calling/driving everywhere to find these pellets and no luck. as of now i am feeding Hikari Cichlid Gold. it contains Astaxanthin, and protein. is that good enough? i cant find anything that is for just blood parrots. i want to make sure he is getting the right food. plus the color enhancers to keep that wonderful coloration. what about live foods. when he is bigger should i give feeder fish? ( he has already been lounging at the white skirts) i have also heard of people giving ghost shrimp, is that a good idea? i know hes not nearly big enough yet. but is it something he would enjoy? and i was told orange slices is that a good idea? sorry, i am already in love this is my baby and i want him to be healthy and happy. Thanks So Much!!



i feed mine frozen blood worms (this will enhance color, but it makes the tank a little messy), pond pellets (you can buy a HUGE bag for cheap that will last you forever and my parrots have a lot of fun trying to eat the little balls plus it keeps the tank clean); small dry brine shrimp (this is my favorite, the parrots seem to have an easy time eating them); tropical flakes (this clouds the water quickly); and cichlid pellets (i dont like these, the fish have a hard time eating them).
i have never fed mine orange, but I have given them small pieces of boiled carrots, strawberry stems, small pieces of meat, and alvacado. They really just seem to eat anything I put in there. I once bought them a feeder fish, but I'm not sure if they ate it or not.. i assume they probably did because i never saw it, but they dont seem to get excited over them like an oscar or african cichlid

Seems like these guys will eat almost anything. At Shaz' suggestion, I feel mine thawed and peeled frozen peas, which they love. I have fed bits of cucumber and orange...they love that too. I put romaine lettuce or blanched spinich into their clip and they gobble that up. Shaz has fed small bits of crab and I think its Sunnysdad that feeds small pieces of cooked shrimp. I have not tried that, but will one of these days. I also feed flake food, frozen and/or dried brine shrimp, ciclid pellets and flakes...I have all this stuff and just vary it from day to day and feeding to feeding. They really do eat alot. I feed twice a day - 3 times when I am home all day. I feed fresh veggies just a couple times a week. I would not feed feeder fish because you can introduce diseases into your tank by putting live food in there. Also, to me it is just downright ugly. I think they do perfectly well on a varied diet that is no longer living.

just try crab sticks (do you guys in the us have these) I buy the cheapest ones at the supermarket, about 80p(50 cents) for a bag, I put them in the freezer and just take one out now and again and throw it in a cup to thaw,as with any protein food ,don't give too often, (there's evidence that hith may be caused or at least not helped by giving too much protein) I pull it into strings and dangle bits into the tank, I think they think its a worm,the cory cats love it too,I try all sorts but remove it if they don't eat it straight away

i feed them a mixture of foods.. both dried and pellets to maximize their nutrient intake