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do you think if my parrot fish and oscar grow up together will my oscar not eat my parrot fish when my oscar is fully grown



It's so hard finding information on these little guys. They aren't in books and don't seem to have much information online. I adopted my black parrot fish from the store as a black fish with some orange spots on him. Now hes ghastly white with some black spots. I raised him temperature slowly and he seems to like that a lot, and gave him some scale supplement, but hes still white... is there something that I am missing? He still has his plants but I confiscated his cave because he actually wouldn't even leave to eat, and after I did that was when he started to seem to be improving, but hes still so sickly looking. Any suggestions?

I dont know why he was black, it could be that he was young, (young ones are grey/blackish, and turn orange), or white, mine is whitish,you may just have to come to terms with owning a white parrot, the black should go, the best thng to do is to provid the best environment in terms of water quality, best food etc

ohh ok yes hes VERY young... only about 2 and a half inches long... hes just a baby. Well if hes supposed to be white and my tank got him to the right color them im happy and I will continue to give him the best environment possible. BTW hes alone... do they prefere other parrot fish or to be alone? Im about to move him to a 50 gallon tank and Im willing to keep him alone if thats what he wants

put another in,at the same time you do the move to the new tank this will help with any aggression(quite normal) as they will both be new to the tank,expect them to hide again for a while, you will see normal cichlid behaviour as in playing and fighting,add some dither fish to encourage them to lose their shyness,add some caves again, these fish usually hide for a few weeks but love their caves and although you might not see them eat they will be doing and will then move around the tank, I have two in my 55gal and am going to add another two, they do like company,if you click on the gallery and take a look at the pics, you will see all the different variations regarding colour in parrots, ps what is yours called?

Hi Stacey...another thing you should know - don't freak out if your parrot gets some black spots when you move him to the new tank. This is what happens to some parrots when they get stressed and a move to a new tank is stressful for some but not all parrots. Just make sure you have really good water quality. Do a search here for "black spot" and you will read lots of others' experience with it and why it happens...and of course what to do about it. I have four parrots in 90 gallon. They are Merrill, Punch, Swishy and Little Finn. Punch and Little Finn have had black spot from a move. The other two never have. You are going to love them they are really fun fish to keep.

If the tank size is ok.. it should not be a problem. But mind it, oscars are very aggressive and there are chances that the parrot might not be able to defend itself.

i saw the result of a fight between two oscars that left one with huge chunks of his body missing. i guess they had lived together for years in a 250 and one day the guy came home and saw them both beat up, but one was the obvious loser. they were both 14". they need to have a 75 by themselves, or a huge tank wit other large fish that can defend themselves. they are not as bad as red devils, midas, or trimacs. i don't think that he will eat your parrot. he will possibly kill it though. parrots are weird in that other fish seem terrified of them even though they have no weapons. my JDs are so afraid of my parrot that they sometimes scratch themselves up trying to get away from him. i could be wrong. i do know that neither of your tanks are suitable for the fish that you have.

They are only ok when young not when older.


Oscars can cause damage .Bllod parots are only pushy at nest and territorial.  Not a good combination.

Be careful.  It may be ok when young and change overnight as the Oscar can have an attitude.


If they are same size may be ok.  Just be real careful as it is not fair to the parrot.

ohh ok... I will add another one when the new tank is set up. My single one (no one is with him) is named Bucky. Hes all better now :D ... hes really silly he moves around the plants... he will actually unburry them himself. Hes a great fish I wouldnt mind having more, Hes a Black Parrot Cichlid