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Help! My fish has something stuck in its mouth!

Hello! I've been visiting this site for a couple weeks...ever since I aquired a pair of parrots. Though I'm not new to freshwater aquariums, I am new to the care of Parrots. My pair are about 5" in length and very beautiful.....but one of them seems to have tried to swallow a rock or something and can't spit it out! Whatever this foreign object is, it is black and maybe somewhat flat. It tries to spit it out and vigoriously shakes its head....but just can't get it out. Then the object goes further back in its mouth. Since it's mouth is always open, I can still see it in the back of the mouth. Does anyone know of any other way to get the fish to spit this out other than netting the fish and trying to take it out with tweezers???? I would appreciate any advice.



i would net the fish and use needle nose pliers or tweezers, quickly, before some thing happens

Yea, I think you're right but......what if I rip its mouth getting it out and kill my fish? I was hoping for another way......Guess i'll have to drum up some courage and just do it. Can't just let it starve!

it can survive a wound on its mouth, but not the rock stuck in its mouth. just give it a try. it is all you can do.

use tweezers but try wrapping a little gauze around both ends, make sure it cant come loose, OR you could try a turkey baster to use gentle suction to suction it out, I understand your reluctance but if you don't act it could choke anyway