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1 bp in a 29 gallon?

is it ok to put 1 parrot in a 29 gallon with other dithers? i don't own any as of now but would like to, and only have room for a 29. if so what would be good dithers? any info is great! thanks!



yes, should be, general rule is 30 gal - one parrot, good dither fish should be big enough not to be eaten , I have tetras in mine, bear in mind, dither fish in your tank will need to be not to big, for instance, silver dollars are great dither fish in a large tank, Cory's seem to be popular as giant danios

no neon tetras. bigger tetras are fine. blackskirt tetras are ok in groups of 5 or more. they tend to bite fins if kept in groups of 3 or less. rubberlip or bristlenose plecos are good. they stay under 4-5 inches and clean the algae well.

Yes 29 gall should be fine. I also agree about cories and dollars with shaz.

so full grown he will be ok? along with the dithers?

yes, but be warned, parrots are addictive, once you own one, you get the urge to acquire a companion for it, one will be fine, pick dither fish carefully and not too many,I think giant tetras and corys are nice

thank you all sooo much you have been very helpful. it is very hard to find information out there on these beautiful fish. all you read is that they are "hybrid don't buy them". i am happy to have found a place where i can get real information.

sorry i forgot to add this with the last one but i think i'm going to be getting some white skirts like say 6 or 7 would that be okay? sorry for all the questions.

yes, be sure to get white ones not pastel (these are another fish that are often dyed),six or seven would be a good number, I would suggest they go in first so they can settle before the parrot, PS if your going to be a parrot owner for the first time,your going to have lots of questions!

thanks for understanding, yea i know all about them being dyed as well, i'm not sure why because they a beautiful the way they are. and thank you again you have been a huge help, i am sure you will be helping me again, lol. thank you! ~amanda

Alright heres an honest question. What "WONT" parrots get along with?

they can eat neon tetras and similar sized fish. discus would get stressed to death (most likely). large predatory cichlids are not good. there are too many fish to list individually.

why not run a poll? ask what everyone has in with there parrots and tank size, mine are with blue congos and corys in 55 galls

navras what do you keep with yours?-----shaz that is a good idea but how do you do a poll on this site; or do you mean just like a question for everyone?

last one we did was top ten questions, have a look in old comments, Iv posted it as a question

Yeah Amanda, I dont have one. I came to this site for information about the fish before I bought it. However I have 4 of them at work that I pretty much consider mine since Im the one who worries and cares most about them. They are with some really small cichlids. Thats about it lol

i dont have one either lol, same reason im here, want to know as much as i can before i bring it here. yo cant find info anywhere but here all you find is "dont buy them" lol

Yeah if you think owning one is hard try selling them lol. Nobody wants to buy them. It makes me sad :(

alot of people buy them. they just get them from somewhere else. big stores sell the red bp for up to 30 dollars and are out of stock quite often. i have noticed that smaller stores have a harder time selling them. my lfs has 2 beautiful really red parrots that have been there for 3 to 4 months. i don't have any more room or i would get them. i need to sell some fish before i can get any more.