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Aquarium Salt / Cories

I have always used some aquarium salt in my tank(s). Over the weekend I read online somewhere (and in more than one place) that cory catfish do not tolerate salt well. Doubtful, but I am wondering if they could possibly mean as in a saltwater tank? Has anyone every had a reaction or anything from their cories due to salt - I know some of you have cories because I got them after being recommended here. Anyway, I only use the amount recommended on the container (it's one scoop per 10 gallons, and I think that is about a teaspoon). I only add salt in the correct ration when I do water changes (i.e., when I take out 10 gallons I add one scoop). My cories seem just fine and I know that the BP's need the salt and I will continue to use it for them. If they were to have a reaction does anybody know what that could entail? Anyone?



I use salt in both of my tanks and have never seen any of my fish have a strange reaction to it, including my corys. I did originally start out using the full dosage that the box stated but have continued with only half the recommended amount over the past 6 months.

Thanks - I have only had my coreys just over a month, but they seem to be just fine. Maybe I will cut back to half the amount like you do. That sounds reasonable to me. Thanks again. :-)

No, we have never had any problem in regards to using aquarium salt in any of aquariums with cories :-)

I use salt on all my Blood Parrot tank all which contain different varieties of cories so far no reaction from it.

Thanks to all. Just as I suspected moderate amounts of salt seem to be ok for cories. I was worried, because I have only had cories for a month or so and was not sure what long term effects could be. They are really cool little guys and we are enjoying their antics. Anyway, I guess asking questions is the best way....Like they tell me at work, there are no stupid questions. Thanks so much to all, and especially to this site...

most fish without scales have a low tolerance to salt. ple*os don't like it either. i only use salt if i have a reason. it is a great medicine for treating wounds and stress. it helps gill function. i don't want my fish to get used to it because it is the most common treatment i give and i don't want its usefulness to diminish from overuse or tolerance. it is just something that i think could be a problem, not something that i have read. most of my tanks have some sort of scaleless fish so i have to use low doses or a hospital tank anyway. snails and plants will die if you add salt.

Thanks to all of you for your quick responses. All very good information, as usual. I feel better about the salt, but as I said before, I think I will cut it down to half the amount called for. Anyway, have a great Thanksgiving to all in the USA. Happy Thursday to all who aren't. :-)

happy thanks giving to you.

Salt is good if used in the correct amount. Salt is specially used in tanks which house mollies.

Anyways, I always use salt and have had no problems whatsoever....

Do BPS need salt? I only put a tablespoon in about every six months, I would use it if I had a problem in the tank

I used to keep Mollies, (now I only have one Mollie left) and I always used salt for them. Then I got BPs and they lived with the Mollies...I was told they also needed salt, so continued to use it. They continue to be very very healthy. IMHO they do well with a moderate amount of salt. However, it seems this could be discretionary after reading others' posts. I wish I could remember where I heard or read that BP's need salt. I will try to find out more info.

BPs have a good tolerance to salt. it a good all purpose treatment for them and alot of fish. you can add up to 1 tablespoon per 10 gallons if you don't have ple*os. you can use more than that if there is a need or for a dip. some people add up to 1 tablespoon per 5 gallons or one teaspoon per gallon. i did one teaspoon per gallon for a dip when my flowerhorn got all chewed up. a dip is like lettin them swim around for 45 minutes or so and then either doing a water change to lower the salt level, or doing it in a seperate bucket. i don't use it regularly. if/when there is a problem, i use it to treat the problem and then let the levels come down naturally through water changes. if your nitrite levels ever get high, it really helps gill function. one of the symptoms of nitrite poisoning is gasping at the top of the tank.

the way i use salt is lets say the tank is 60 gallons the first water change you would add two cups of salt cascaded over the surface then in two weeks you will do a water change and add 1 cup of salt cascaded over the surface then in another 2 weeks you add 1/2 cup of salt then in 2 more weeks you add 1/4 cup then in 2 weeks you do a water change and add no salt then in 2 weeks you will start all over again. this is the best way to add salt to your tank so it never gets amuned to salt treatments and your fish will be very happy & healhty its like gator aid for your fish .

I never use any salt in my aquarium uless I have to treat a fish that might be hurt
but other wise I don't ever use it. I have 3 cory cat fish and 2 bushynose plecos and just
got my blood parrot cichlid today and they all are doing well. :)