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what exactly is the spawning behavior of blood parrots?


well sometimes a male and female will do a liplock dance.But be careful, two males sometimes do this liplock dance. The female will get a rounded tube on the back end indecating shes ready to lay eggs. But if you have a male and female chances are you won't get any fry. 98% of male parrots are infertile.

the male may chase and harass the female all over the tank and you will feel sorry for her, until she lays eggs (which is why hiding places are so important) then when eggs are laid ,the female will bully and charge the male about and you will feel sorry for him!

LOL Shaz. See, the thing is I am having the hardest time trying to figure out which is male or female of if I have two of the same sex! Funny thing is that the bigger one I think is the female but that is the one that does all the harassing. But I do see bredding tube on it. ( I think that is what it is). And I do notice they are digging holes and hiding, just wondering what is going on with them. I haven't seen them do a liplock dance though but I do see them going to the sides of each other and doing something like a shimmy or shaking fast for about a second or so.

If the one you think is female is doing the harassing and you think you can see the egg tube, its likely she has laid eggs, the shimmying is part of spawning behaviour (although it can also be a sign of stress, unlikely but something to be aware of) you may notice she stays in one area and only leaves it to chase fish away, I hardly ever see eggs but I know when they have simply because of the behaviour

both male and females have breeding tubes. the female's breeding tube is rounded "looks like this, U " the males is pointier and shaped like this V