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can anyone advise whether a firemouth would be a better choice than a severum in a 50 gal with two parrots


i read that they get 6.5" and the website i was looking at said at least a 55 gallon tank. lots of people have them here on this site and im sure that they will be able to tell they're experience. i on the underhand never had one and might not ever but im sure you'll get some thing figured out :)

I love optimistic people!

thank you!

i have a firemouth. it is a bully to anyone it is bigger than. they don't do any real damage, but they do chase smaller fish around. i put mine in my african tank and he doesn't bully anyone anymore. he didn't bother my parrots though. mine is male and really more of a nuisance than a bully.

I would suggest you go for a pair of golden severum. These fishes are cute.

I have a firemouth with a couple parrots (and a convict, pleco, and tiger barb) in my 75 gallon. He is actually the most docile fish in the tank... he will hold his own if anyone ever bothered him (which doesn't happen), but otherwise is a beautiful and fun fish to own. I love him and he gets along great with everyone. I wouldn't be too worried about adding him in with parrots.

I don't know if I'd recommend it in a tank smaller than 50 gallons. They get about 5-6" and may get aggressive if the tank becomes crowded. If all you have are 2 parrots and add a firemouth... that's it. I would definately not get anymore fish. Severums get large and should have a 55 or larger as well.

Have you thought about smaller fish (that don't get quite as large?) like dither fish or something? There are lots of options that will get along just fine with the parrots. Maybe a school (3-4) dither fish? Would look pretty.

Just some thoughts.

I already have 6 blue congo tetras, if you look at my recent postings you'll see that I have now thought it out and that I have decided to give my two parrots lots of room and maybe adding a couple more blue congos,Im not looking to swap and change,theses fish will stay with me forever, I could no more give them away than I could give away a pet dog, funny thing is, most of the advise Iv been given, deep down, I already knew, I just needed to hear it again! ,in the past IV had several tanks and many fish, due to a back injury I had to reduce them due to the maintenance, now I just miss them and want all the fish back,how easy it would be to get carried away!