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still thinking!!!

Still thinking, can I have two severums and two parrots in 60 gall tank?


i don't think there would be a problem. parrots get 8-10" and severums 8-11" so i really dont think there would be bad aggression in the tank. keep us posted :)

I think it would be a good combination instead of keeping 4 BPS.

Sounds like it would be pretty cramped to me once they reached full size.

Ok, I have two parrots soon to go into 50 gal tank,(have just recalculated volume) I want to add another fish but don't want it to get ganged up on, which is why Im thinking of two, I don't want to cramp them in either,(thinking of the adult size) nor do I want undue aggression, I want their conditions to be good not just ok, so forget the two severums,to ensure a happy home, how about just one? or another parrot? Im thinking female to avoid a)breeding b)aggression between males, I want a substantial fish rather than sort of dither fish, if I followed my heart, I would put in every sorry looking fish I could find,esp parrots who had black spot because they are stressed out,someone save me from myself

what is the footprint of the tank? if it is a 48" long 50, they will be fine. if it is a tall tank, then it is too small. you will just have to change more water at your water changes. with a 48 inch tank, they will each have 12 inches of territory and that should be plenty. none of the fish you plan to put in are overly aggressive. i have seen severums housed with rams before at the lfs. i wouldn't do it, but they do. there will be some skirmishes over pecking order, but they shouldn't be too rough.

i got 2 severums little gold one (nosey) is about 4-5" he was no problem from the start. my other severum who is a 8-9" turquoise was a problem at the start. he would start fights with simon (my 10" parrot) but after a few days they settled down quite well. but it really depends on the fishes perceptive. if you decide to get one buy it from a store that lets you take back if somethings wrong. keep us posted :)

waldoparrot just got two severums so she would be the best one to ask