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Green Parrot

Someone mentioned about green parrots the other day.

I found a pair of green parrots at our LFS in India. Actually I was shocked because I never dreamt of seeing one here.

The fish does not have any markings like the flower horn and is plain green like a normal parrot fish.

Is there anyway I could check whether the fish is dyed or not? Because I do not want to end up with a dyed parrot.


One way of telling is if you can see the young,say 2-3", they are a greenish/blackish black which disappears as they grow,but if they are bigger, and the colour is uniformed rather than with natural slight mottling, I would say they are almost definitely dyed,also sometimes the name that they are being sold under, ie fruity or candy sounding names can be indicative of dyed or "painted" (same thing) parrots, ask your supplier outright why these fish are not within the normal colour range (pale cream to bright orange) , but don't believe what he tells you,( colour enhancing foods etc) one member once bought what he thought was a parrot, turned out to be a different fish altogether! I wouldn't buy it anyway, if you want a green fish buy a severum! Its really good that you are giving this some thought before you buy the fish, Ive recently seen some gourami which had been tattooed with polka dots, if your supplier is approachable, try downloading one of the many petitions against this cruel practice and ask for his support

When I asked the LFS owner, he said the fish is not dyed. However, they have fed it some color food which has bought this green color on the parrots.

I don't know what to do...

Should I buy them? Because, after I bring them to be in my tank, I am not gonna feed them color food. I would keep them on the normal diet which my BPS have.

What do you guys say on this?

I would be amazed if colour enhancing food could be responsible for a green parrot,colour enhancing food might make a orange fish more orangy but turn it green? sorry but its my opinion that it is dyed, if so if you buy it ,it should revert back, the bigger question is how much can you trust your supplier? I know hes been good to you in the past( helped you out with that ick problem)but we really should not be contributing to this practice, if it is dyed and you buy it, he will restock with more, ask him to show you what food it is (crack on you might want to buy it yourself to keep the fish green and see what he says,( funny I thought he might say it was the food didn't I?) I asked at my local shop and he agrees with me,its up to us to do our research, google "green parrot" and I bet colour enhancing food doesn't come up once

im sorry but i've never heard of colour enchancers that keep parrots green. if the parrot is a baby it will be green and grow to become the orange colour. a dyed parrot are small and most pet/fish stores will lye to get people to get people to buy their stuff. i bought a dyed parrot. he was a sunny yellow colour but he eventually turned all orange after a week or so. he is small though.he is in a big tank but don't he'll grow much bigger. he's 2-3 "

Dont be pushed into those stupid petstore employees, those green parrots, which i bet are extremly cute an beautiful are def not being changed green from food enhaceing pellets, thats extreamly silly. No foods can change any BP completly green. :)))))

most likely, it is dyed. there are other green fish that look similar to blood parrots. like shaz said, green severums are parrot like in appearance and behavior. they are not very aggressive and the really nice ones get similar patterns on them that discus have. they will also grow to full size and live a full life because they weren't dyed.

i guess you don't like the kirins or kilins. the parrots with flowerhorn coloring aren't dyed or mistreated other than what CA SA cichlids do to themselves while breeding. shaz and i have been looking all over for those fish. if you could get one, we would be jealous.

i have seen some kirins/kilins at my lfs. i was planning on buying 1 or 2 but they were in poor quality and had ick. they are beautiful. :)

Well, I have decided not to buy the green parrots after reading all your comments.

I have decided to go for a pair of white severum fish. I find them cute.

I have finally added a pair of yellow parrots to my tank and they look fabulous.

You can call them yellow or golden parrots....

Great addition to my tank...

i like that parrots can be yellow, orange, red , pink, or white. i have a really orange/red one, a bright orange one, a yellow/ orange one, and a white jellybean. they have a really red one at the lfs that i have been fighting myself not to get. i will probably end up with it though if it is female.