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cant make a simple decision

kilin parrots are really hard to find here, so I have read up and severums seem to be a good choice for a 60 gall tank which will house my male and female parrots( which have been together for about three years), I am thinking of getting two females(am not wanting them to breed) so my two wont gang up on the newcomers, plus my male parrot will still be the only boy there, other option would be to add two female parrots, all these fish will stay with me for their lifetime, and I dont envisage ever upgrading again, so I want it to be right, have I the room? ps all my fish have names, does everyone else name their fish ( I feel another poll coming on!)


i name almost all my fish(except schooling fish like platys) my parrots names are annie, mickey and simon. my severums are named nosey and armstrong. my albino angel is named snowwhite. my red tail shark is call MLD.(which stands for My Little Devil). my husbands oscar is called melvin. My best pair of angels are called Bella and Buck.

I name all of our fish (or my daughter does). I have four BPs, the big guys, Merrill and Punch, and the little ones, Swishy and Finn. I have a molly named Molly and a ghost catfish named Ghost. I have four cory catfish (two in each tank) that I can't tell apart, but I call them Kit and Kat and Kit and Kat. I am in the process of trying to select more fish since I just cycled my new 90 gallon. So far my two big BPs live in there with just Kit and Kat. Swishy and Finn will move over to the 90 gallon in a few days. Then I am going to select some other fish. All will have names.

like picking what fish go in your tank is easy at all. if it was so easy, i wouldn't have so many fish and six tanks. i only named one of my africans, but most of my cichlids have names. male severums are prettier so that is what i would do. i like variety and i only use species only tanks if i am going to breed. the closest thing i have to a species tank is a flowerhorn who is by itself for now. i do want to breed kirins, but i want to see how flower is going to turn out before trying to breed. that was why i asked about they have kirins for $35 and i was hoping that someone had had a good experience with them.