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freshwater butterfly fish

does anyone here have any experience with this type of fish? i seen one in a fish store and i really liked them. they would be a great top dwealing fish for my tank.



the african butterfly fish? probably. they look cool but i don't really know about them. i have seen them at the lfs before and they always seemed to be right on top of the tank kind of looking like they are upside down. i didn't do my homework and they were all gone before i could decide if i wanted one or not.

Got this info when i googled african butterfly fish

The Butterfly Fish, also known as the African Butterfly Fish, is generally a good community fish. They can be a bit intolerant of other surface swimming fish however, and have been known to nip fins. They are a predator and will eat small fish. But on a positive note, they also become quite tame and will eat food from your fingers.

The Butterfly Fish like a loosely planted shallow aquarium best, about 6 to 8 inches (15-20 cm) deep. One that has more length and width to it rather than depth gives them a large surface area. They do like some floating plant cover to lurk under as well. Be sure you have a good cover on the aquarium as this fish is an excellent jumper.

Since they are carnivores, the Butterflyfish, African Butterflyfish, or Freshwater Butterflyfish will eat all types of protein foods. They especially like live insects. Feed flies, mosquito larvae, small spiders, worms, small fish and large flake food. We have had good success feeding them small crickets!