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Hi Waldoparrot...thanks for your advice regarding angelfish needing at least 30 gallons. I planned to do some research before I started because I have never had them before...but your advice that they need at least 30 gallons is noted. I thought they might need more than the 20 gallon. Well, I have a ways to go before I can get any, but will keep you posted. Thx again.

PS All of you in the USA, remember that every vote counts so I hope you are getting out to be counted today.


No problem. if you need any help or questions about them just ask.

Hi again,
Actually I do have a question. Do angels prefer a tank that is tall, or a tank that is wide (if one must choose between the two)? I thought I would start looking around...and actually may come upon a good deal on craigslist. Seems to me angelfish would need something tall. I can't really get anything huge, but some tanks are taller as opposed to wider and I wondered. Thx.

angels do better in tall tanks do to they're swimming pattern. but they will do ok in a wide tank. if you get 2 angels buy them from the same tank they are in. don't buy an angel from one tank and then buy another one from a different tank. you cant tell if they are male or female. i find that if you get a bunch of young ones (like 6-8)they will grow up together and pair off on they're own. they are not so fond of people giving them only one to choose from.

hmmm. Thanks...I thought maybe a taller tank would be better. I figured I would initially need to get 2 from the same tank. But can I have really 6-8 in a 30 gallon tank? I guess when they are young that would be ok, but don't they get too big for a 30-40 gallon at some point? I would hate to have to find homes.

i am sorry if i confused you there. but i ment if you wanted a stablized pair that would swim together. your right, 6-8 would fight in a 30 gallon even as babies. i have curently have seperated my angels apart from each other because of bad fighting (not liplocking which they do sometimes). they fought because i started out with one then i bought another one from a different store. they swam together and even bred a few times together but they get into bad fights.

I have seen angel fish always dancing from top to bottom formations.

So I suggest a tall tank would be good for angel fishes. Do take care of the water temperatures, as these fishes are very delicate fishes.

i know that these fish are supposed to be delicate to any changes in water, but i have found that these are very hardy. one of my filters busted and i couldn't get one for a whole 2 weeks so it had to live without one and it was the only one who survived out all of my platys, my angel survived. i happy but still sad to see all my platys go.