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will a 12 inch clown knife fish be alright with my verry agressive parrot

hi i have got a 3 foot fish tank and i plane to put my 12 inch clown knifefish in with my 7 inch parrot fish but my parrot is also verry agresive so what do you think.



What is the gallon size of your tank? If it's a standard tank 3ft is probably a 40 to 45 and too small for a knifefish especially if you already have a 7 in BP that will most likely get a bit bigger as well.

it is just a standard tank but will the parrot be alright with the parrot and what tank size would you say if i just had the clown knife fish on its own

Both would be aggesive, but it would mainly depend upon the individual temerment of them.

clown knife fish get VERY large. i don't know how well they coexist with parrots, but they need large tanks. they will fight back if they are with an aggressive fish and they have teeth that look like they can do some damage. they are active at night while your parrot will be sleeping. i have read about them injuring oscars so you should really keep a close watch on your tank if you get one. in the wild they get up to 36" long. i have never seen one longer than about 20" in an aquarium so you will need an 18" wide tank minimum. they need live foods until you can train them to eat freeze dried krill or plankton. they will eat anything they can get in their mouths so small fish will need to be considered food if you have any in your tank. i passed on an 18" one even though i do have room for one and i do think they are cool. i got a ghost knife instead because they are less of a potential problem. if you get it let us know how it works out.

do not put parrot fish with clown knifefish the clown knife fish is more aggressive than my parrot

I saw some pics on the internet and it seems like a monster...

Also, its a predator fish....

Be careful....

i just aquired a parrot fish it is about 12 inches long i have him in a 150 gallon tank how big wiil he get and what can i put in his tank .

you should open your own thread so people will find this. there are alot of options for a tank that size. 12" is huge for a blood parrot. is it a king kong parrot?