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how many of you have more than two tanks? do you keep other types of cichlids?


I just have one 75 gallon tank at my place.

But I do have another 40 gall tank which I use in case some fish is down with ICK or something else.

I have a30 gal mixed tetra tank,plus a 40 gall (soon to be replaced with a 60)with 2 bps and blue congo tetras, I have until recently kept a pair of angels, and before that I had a pair of Oscars which out grew the tank pretty quickly, all went to people I know

I have a 55 gallon community tank with various tetras, 5 corys, 2 spotted raphael catfish, and 1 large pleco. I also have a 100 gallon south american cichlid tank that is constantly breeding (anyone in the NY area and would like some cichlids, let me know), 1 large pleco and 2 pictus catfish. Last but not least, a 90 gallon parrot tank with 4 parrots and 8 danios. They are all my pride and joy, but hubby is maintainence keeper of the aquariums :-)

at my place i have a mixed 55 gallon,a community 29gallon,a 38 gallon sailfin molly, a 75 gallon with an oscar in it, my 100 gallon, 4 20 gallon baby tanks and another 55 with fish that i give away to other people

I currently have 2. I would have more if my husband would let me. I have a 55gal with 1 BP, 1 geophagus, 1 rubberlip pleco, 1 redtail shark, 1 german blue ram, 1 angel fish, and 2 roseline sharks. I also have a 40 with 1 BP, 3 corys, 4 serpae tetras, and 1 german blue ram. we got the 40 because we had to seperate the BPs. Then when I got the Rams they had to be seperated as well. eventuallly I'm going to upgrade this to a 55 was well.

I have 7 tanks. I have a 40 gallon with 1 blood parrot missing a fin. A 55 gallon with 2 blood parrots. Another 40 gallon with african cichlids. A 125 freshwater tank. A 90 gallon with 4 Discus. and 2 10 gallons with 2 male bettas.

i have 6 tanks and they all have at least 1 cichlid in them. my africans were crouded like they are supposed to be before they started breeding and now i have 15 babies or so too. they are always breeding, so now i am having to change water every three days to keep the water clean. i have 2 BPs, 2 JDs, 1 geophagus brasiliensis, 1 c moori, an african leaf fish and 5 black skirt tetras in my 100 gallon. my BPs share a hideout. my JDs share with each other most of the time, the geo and dolphin do not hide. i also would get more tanks, but right now is not the time. i would have to get divorced at this time to get any. i want a 6 foot long 125 gallon. my 100 is 5 ft long and longer is better for keeping down aggression. i really want a 250, but it would be upstairs and i don't want that much weight up there. i have read that crowding is possible with bigger ca /sa cichlids in a 180 or bigger. i have seen red devils males and flowerhorn males together with all sorts of fish that aren't supposed to mix well. i guess it is the same theory we use with africans to prevent permanent territories and have too many targets for the bully to focus on any one fish. it does take alot of tank maintenance and with big cichlids, it would take alot of water and space. i haven't tried it with new world cichlids, but i do keep my tanks stocked so no one does get to possessive of the tank. i hope you keep posting so i can be nosy and find out who has similar fish to me and know who to ask questions of. you guys will all know too now.

I have only two tanks right now. I have a 90 gallon (recently set up) for my two BP's, Merrill and Punch, who are about 3.5 and 4 inches and in which two corycats live also. I have a 20 gallon tank for two new baby BPs (about 2 inches each) who will move up to the 90 gallon in a week or two, plus two corycats, one black molly and one survivor ghost catfish. Eventually I want to set up a tank, (whether it will be the 20 gallon or something else) for a pair of angelfish, which I have always loved and wanted. One step at a time. Hey - this is a fun poll - it's nice to read what you all have.

if you get a pair of agels please put them in a 30 gallon minimum. i have been breeding angels for 4 years and from one pair i only got 2 batches of eggs that have hatched. lots of eggs have appeared but they have eaten them. they also eat any thing or any body that can fit in they're mouth. don't try to breed them either. they are very difficult. well from my point of view.

Wow! Im going to show my husband that everyone has either a bigger tank or more tanks than me!!!

that was my plan too, but i need you guys to all lie for me and say that you have like 1500 gallons worth of tanks so i can get another 125. jk ;) she is really accepting of my addiction.... um... i mean hobby. she is very good about it and even seems to be interested in it too. i just need too convince her quickly because there is a 125 with a stand on craigslist for $125. it is the 6 ft long one that i want too.

What you do is show her the most expensive tanks available on the net and in local shops and on the net, so that in the end she will agree that the one on craigslist is a real bargain !!crafty or what!!!! We looked at so many costing around £700 pounds so that when I pointed out one at £380 he bought it me for xmas and was happy cause he thinks he got a bargain! (some men can be so gullible)

hey.... i am going to have to report you for abuse. :)

just before i got the 100 gallon, my husband said no more pets in the house. the next day my freind brought it over along with his budgie. my husband doesn't say anything like that anymore. he used to say it all the time but i don't really care. i can afford to keep all my pets so i have no problem getting what i want lol. he has his lizard and his oscar and i have my budgies, cockatiel, 2 dogs,my parrots and other fish, and fluffy the cat.

Craigslist. What would we do without it?

I know right?! I have gotten my last 2 tanks from Craigslist, and the one prior to that was a steal on ebay -- 2 hour drive to get there, but a bargain even with the cost of gas and time to travel. The seller was bummed with at how low it sold (100 gallon tank, cabinet, canopy for $300 mint condition). She only perked up and flashed a smile when she saw how happy I was to have it and knew it was going to a good home. Sent her pics once it was set up .. and we have a great friendship!!!!! I am currently searching Craigslist for a 4th tank, but don't tell hubby .. I will get away with it because our anniversary is coming up and I will have done "the thinking for him!"
Have a great day everyone ..........

1 geophagus, 1 rubberlip pleco, german blue ram, 2 roseline sharks, 2 JDs, 1 geophagus brasiliensis, 1 c moori, an african leaf fish

Wow... So many different varieities of fishes...

The sad thing is none of these fishes are available in India.... Too bad...

I have to google these fish names to c them. And they all look so great.