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True breed of BPS

Can anyone suggest any website where I can order true breeds of BPS... Any color..

I would like to get a pair imported to India and I want to buy it from a reliable source. Please suggest some US websites.

Any help appreciated.



When you say any colour, surely you don't mean you will buy dyed parrots, otherwise your options are limited to varying shades of umm, orange! Plus,being a hybrid I don't think there is a "true" breed, there is, I think, no scientific name for them

they have no scientific name shaz. and vikasdata, don't buy any green, blue, purple etc. because they are dyed and if people stop buying the dyed ones(which they call jellybeans or bubblegum) they would stop dying them. only buy ones that are orange/yellow careful with the yellow, some of them are dyed too. if you go to google and google it some websites will pop out from somewhere.good luck!!!

There are jellybean parrots that are not died also. I have a beautiful pair of not died jellybeans.

yes i do know that there are none dyed jellybeans/bubblegums. But they are usually pick convict/parrot. they are nice looking too.

There are three kinds of Parrot fish. 1) The parrot cichlid. 2) The saltwater Parrot Fish. 3) A VERY RARE breed of freshwater parrot fish. They are very colorful, but are not died and range in the several hundred dollar range most of the time. I have seen them once of the internet with a baby for sale for about $200.

the parrot cichlid that is naturally green is pretty rare to find in stores. it is a fish found in the wild and it's scientific name is hoplarchus psittacus.

Is that a marine fish?

the parrot that i listed the scientific name of is a freshwater cichlid. it is the only non hybrid parrot cichlid. the marine parrot fish really does look like a parrot. i don't know much about saltwater, yet. i will have a marine tank one day, but i have alot of homework to do first.

there are different trade names for parrots. trade name purple = red. trade name red = orange or orange/red. and orange = pale orange or yellow/ orange. they call them purple parrots, blood red parrots, or blood parrots, depending on the color. if the fish looks purple, then it is dyed. there are no TRUE breeds of blood parrots as they are hybrids. there are different grades and most of the top grades of them never leave asia. the top grades have the nuchal hump, perfect fins and what is called a wrapped tail (which means that the dorsal and anal fins extend past the caudal fin , are darker red than a blood red parrot, have the triangle mouth, and there is something about the gill area and where it is attached and how it looks there. if you saw one of the highest grade parrots, you would be amazed that it is the same fish. there are pictures of some super A grade and A grade parrots in the parrot ancestry article

There IS a type of fish imported from the Amazon Basin that is called a Parrotfish and is freshwater, but VERY RARE & VERY EXPENSIVE. I have seen one and it is not a BP or died. It is about the coloration of a Jack Dempsey with an odd shape.

Thanx for helping me with your detailed explanations.

I would like to go for some natural colored parrots. I would never buy the dyed ones.

I am ready to spend for getting something which is natural, but then it would be from some reliable sourse.

Thanx again.