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kilin parrot

I am soon to up grade to a 60 gal tank, into which will go general Finn, 7"and baby,5"plus assorted dither fish, have just looked at Kilin parrots,beautiful, question_ are there any ethical issues here, am I likely to come across dyed or tattooed ones,are there any differences in behaviour, can they go in with bps, am I better to get two to avoid my pair ganging up on the newcomers and last, am I better to try to get females for a quite life,( please no one tell me that I haven't room for four PLEASE)


kirin or kilin parrots are just flowerhorn x blood parrot offspring. the only potential ethical issue is the hybrids are evil and will bring on the end of the world and people who buy them are horrible for continuing the breeding of these fish. i am joking if you didn't catch on. if you are like me, and i know you are, you don't mind hybrids and aren't planning on releasing them into the wild anyway. they wouln't survive where you live for longer than an hour or so if you did. it is the same here. our water is much too cold to have any tropical fish impact our ecosystem, but pirahnas are still illegal. anyway, back to kirins, i have wanted one since i saw them and will be breeding them soon. there are 2 types i guess the ones that look like parrots are kirins and the ones that look like smaller flowerhorns are call bonsai flowerhorns. i hope you do get one and post pics. they are awesome.

I got a kirin parrot a few weeks ago.  He is beautiful.  He seems very healthy and gets along fine with my 3 other parrots.  I can't wait to see him grow. 

i seen a few of these this morning they are pretty cool lookin.and a 60 should do alright.kilin or kirin parrot are just flowerhorns mixed with female parrots so they should do great together. good that your getting 2 so no one gets picked on.

any luck with the kilin? i want to see pictures as soon as you get it, or more likely, them. i am going to try to find some in chinatown, seattle, soon. i have found a store online that has alot of hard to find fish and has alot of flowerhorns too. so that will probably be my best chance

No, not yet, but I am waiting for my tank which is on order to arrive, I think they may be hard to find here ,I will search the net as well. part of me doesn't want to upset the happy tank I have now but that is the point of a larger tank after all, would the killin or the bonsai flowerhorns be best,and is it any easier to sex them than parrots, my husband has bought me the new tank for Xmas lucky me Esp as he doesn't share my fishy enthusiasm but like he says, he cant think of another gift that I will enjoy for years

the kilins or kirins are probably better because they are like parrots with the body shape and everything. the bonsai flowerhorns are probably just as mean but smaller. these may be more aggressive, but i haven't owned one so i can't say first hand.