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Red Bellied Pacu with BPs?

My local pet store has a lone red bellied pacu living with two slightly larger parrots. The manager of the store said that it gets along with everything and will get to be between 7 to 12 inches in my 90 gallon tank. He said it will grow about the same rate as my BPs. I have read online that they do indeed get to be about 12 inches...(but they grow pretty rapidly), that they are very peaceful and are very personable and fun to own - according to their owners. I do understand the fish known as the "black pacu" gets up to 3 feet and just grows and grows no matter what the tank size. But this is a "red bellied pacu" - not to be confused. I am thinking of bringing him home - he is about the same size as my BPs. Does anyone have any experience with this fish? Thanks for your input.


do NOT buy that fish!!!! he is trying to sell you a fish and not being honest. pacus get HUGE and can not live in a 90 very well. they get so big that people are always giving them away on craigslist. petsmart sells them but they don't even sell tanks big enough to hold them. they can get 24" long. 12 is minimum you can expect, like a runt. 250 gallons is what is recommended at a minimum. you can do what you want but, i bet if you get it you will be trying to get rid of it within a year, or buying at least a six foot long 250

Thank you so much! He looks very cool, but (sigh) I won't get him. I really wondered about what he said and whether it was true. And I already have the biggest tank I can afford...and handle in my small house. I have been in that store 3 times looking at that pacu, and I REALLY wanted him. I thought (AND HOPED) perhaps it was just the black pacu that got huge, but wanted to check. Someone should regulate these pet stores, they are so fully of sh*t. I am disappointed. You can't even believe a word they say. I need a real fish store. Anyway, again, this is such a great site. Thanks again!

I have read the same thing. They are supposed to be peaceful but they get huge and need a min tank of 250gal.

These fish seem to be very aggressive when I google red bellied pacu fish.

Everyone out there says one should have atleast a 250 gallon tank to house these fast growing fishes.

Sometimes the petstores can lie some just to get you to buy the fish. This is what happened with my pair of lipstick parrots.

I just got back from the pet store - instead of buying the pacu, I bought a new pair of BPs...they are small, about two inches max. The decision to leave the pacu where he was came easy after reading all the comments here and doing a bit more research online. I am just not equipped for that size fish and decided to stick with what I know. The two new kids will live in my 20 gallon tank for a month or so then move over to live with Merrill and Punch in the 90 gallon tank. I hope they will all live in peace and harmony and does everyone in my house (2 dogs, 3 cats, 2 pot bellied pigs, one kid and one mom). Thanks to all for helping me with this decision.