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I recently got my bigger BPS exchanged for a smaller pair. The older BPS stayed with me for around a month. But I have noticed that this pair of new BPS seldom hide in their caves like the previous BPS. These new BPS are always moving about playfully in the tank.

I have a pair of small spotted BPS with them and this does not bother the BPS. My tank is 75 gallons.

This new pair of BPS seem to be more lively and playful as compared to the previous ones. Also, these new BPS are not afraid of me from day one and try eating from my hand. But, I have now stopped handfeeding them because of the spotted gars in the tank. They seem like dinasaurs and I do not have the guts to insert my finger in the tank.

Has anyone noticed whether the BPS are more playful when they are young?


never heard of spotted bps, are they tattooed? what do they look like( I know--- spotted!)

they could be kirin parrots. they are bred with flowerhorns to get the color of flowerhorns. parrots will readily breed with most cichlids. texas would also give them spots. that is why i bought my flowerhorn, to breed kirin parrots. they are beautiful and worth alot of money. about two to three times what a regular bp is.

I don't understand why you traded in the ones you had. But I form attachments with my just as I would any pet.

i know what you mean. i was tryin to get a female, before i could tell the difference, and brought home a male. well i have a big male, a male jellybean, and a second male bp. the second male bp was nearly killed by another fish while we were on vacation and i had grown attached to him so i ended up buying him a companion instead of getting rid of him. i did get a female that time, but it was pure luck. it is funny because we never changed their names even after we found out the sexes of the fish.

I am sorry for confusing.

I meant I have purchased spotted gars and not spotted BPS.

I traded my older BPS for a new pair, because the older ones never seemed to be comfortable in the tank. They seemed to be missing something or maybe not able to adapt to the conditions in my tank.

So had to get these exchanges.

My original question got lost somewhere!!!!

Has anyone noticed if BPS are more playful when they are young?

Maybe, but there again I was more playful when I was young too!!

My original question got lost somewhere!!!!

Has anyone noticed if BPS are more playful when they are young? Also, do they become more territorial as they grow up?

it depends on your parrot. some parrots come out and swim around from day 1. but others can hide for the first year in the tank.some become very territorial but most of them just don't care and then there are ones that are neutral in this situation.also spotted gars get huge. i would reccomend gettin rid of them.

Hey Shaz that was a good one.