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I tried to do this once already and some how screwed it up. lol. I will try again. I am just curious about the age your parrots have lived to. I have one and she is 13 years old and still going strong. Is this the norm for this type of fish, or is mine just a little freak. :)


i have heard of alot of american cichlids getting into double didgets. my parrot (annie) is 7 years. i know a girl who's parrot is 12. i now a guys convict whos 11 and my hubbys oscar is 14! lots of americans have a long life if they are taken good care of. you must take very good care of your fish!

I don't know the exact age, but most live a lengthy life. Most vary on specific factors from their life. Just take good care of him/her and it should live many years.