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do parrot cichlids need lots of oxygen?

I have 2 parrots in a 46 gal tank and I have a HOB filter but I was wondering if I need to add an airstone or anything?


I've always been told that more bubbles makes for happier fish!

But really it is my understanding that they do need the oxygen and that you should have some form of airation in your tank. Bubble walls are nice but really any airstone will work.

thanks for the info I will pick up a bubble wall tomorrow

Bubblers should be added to any tank. They definately help the fish.

If your fish are used to a bubbler and it goes out (pump, stone etc.) they will not do well without it.

Add a bubbler... your fish will thank you.

bubblewands look awesome in a tank! i have 1. i also have an airstone.