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BFF's 4ever hiding w/ oscar

My BP Bubbles never used to hide. I just moved her and my Oscar into a 40gal tank (a lil small but better than the one they were in 20gal) and the Oscar has been hiding. Oscar and bubbles were raised together and they have formed a special bond I have never seen tow different spices of cichlids act this way. Any way bubbles has always followed the Oscar around and she has been hiding with him since the move. The Oscar is acting negatively to change (typical of the breed) but he is becoming less shy. Any one know why they are so close I did not think this was possible.


My BP Loves gold fish flakes. also try breaking up other larger food idems BP's eat anything

I have a similar bond in one of my tanks between my BP, Tang and George my Geophagus. George is definitley a male so I figure my bp may be female. She follows him around the tank and they share a cave together. I'm sure that it has to do with them both being cichlids since you can get crossbreeding between some cichlids species.

my oscar and my bp has the same bond between each other and thay will not leave each other alone