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euthanise fish

If you have to euthanise fish,please dont flush! there are humane ways to do it


Agreed with Shaz....

It felt so bad reading the comments put in by one of the members who said that he/she just flushed out the goldfish...

I agree...

I actually euthanised one of my favorites not too long ago. I used clove oil (Put her right to sleep since she was so sick and lethargic as it was) and 20 minutes later used alcohol. She didn't suffer at all and left peacefully in her sleep on her side. I miss her lots, but it was the best way to do it.

Flushing them is not only inhumane, but can actually add toxins to our water supply. A big no-no all around.

All that said... I hope I don't have to do this ever again. That was tough.

I researched this in case I ever have to do it and this method was the one I thought best, I always have clove oil(buy from a health shop to get the right concentration) and of course vodka! in,