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I have a “Miniature Blood Parrot” as Wal- Mart says (don’t think there is really such thing). I got her almost a year ago and she has become quite aggressive. We used to have a very old very large gorse looking gold fish in the tank. Bubbles was basically eating the poor thing alive until I decided to end the gold fish’s misery and flush him :( (do not recomend gold fish with chilids any way). After that she started picking on my cat fish after we moved the cat fish she went after the placo (the placo is about 3 times his size and it fights back so im not so worried). Sheis a feisty little one but the most odd part of its behavior is that she has become vary close to my Oscar fish and my Oscar has grown quite fond of the parrot (really weird because Oscars don’t do well with other fish). We just moved her and the Oscar into a much larger tank. Bubbles the parrot is doing just fine (still paling around with Oscar) The Oscar is pouting of course. She has been a little chilly lately (getting new tank heater after work today) and is cuddling up with Oscar its cute as hell. She is almost a year and is still very tiny but feisty as hell!


What size tank do you have that you are having so much aggression? As long as they have enough room to establish territory and not feel that it is threatened then these fish should get along. Except for the goldfish. That was a no no. You don't mix cold water and tropical fish together.

gold fish have different water requirements than tropical fish. they are a cold water fish and, while they can survive in warmer water, they don't like it. oscars get VERY big (14"long) and will need at least a 75 gallon tank (18" wide). they have alot different attitude when they are the biggest fish in the tank too. maybe it will work. cichlids all have their own personalities and some of them don't fit the normal profile of their species. parrots act aggressive but lack the weapons to defend themselves well. i have black skirt tetras in my 100 with my parrot and he can't even eat them because his mouth is too small ands won't close. the other cichlids that i have in there with him were babies when i got them, while he was already grown so they have lived their whole lives thinking that he is a threat. this has kept them from attacking him when they grew out. so maybe your oscar will work but, you should pay attention in case it does change. it may happen fast.