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Swimming funny

for the last week n a half. One of my parrots (about 1 1/2") has been acting strange. He will be sitting in one spot and just starting floating vertically. With his face upwards (almost like he is dead) while still flapping his fins and the other parrots will come over and lift him up and he takes off again. Only to do it again within the next 10 minutes or so. His left fin is also chewed up a bit and sometimes he holds it in. TIA


i need more information, ie, water conditions (size of tank, number of occupants and what type of fish are in there. ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, ph, temp frequency and amount of water changes). you should do a big water change first, 50% and vacuum the gravel while you are doing it. this will help to dilute any problem with the water. what are you feeding? a variety of food is best. not just protien. parrots are omnivores who always act hungry. you may need to do a 25% water change daily until the problem goes away. you should be changing your water, AT LEAST, once a week. unless you stock your tank with like two parrots per 100 gallons, then you could go two weeks, but it would still be better to do smaller water change once a week. i change 50% every 4 to 5 days, and my tanks are stocked at less than 1" per gallon by alot. the feces build up and nitrate levels climb pretty quickly with these fish because they are messy eaters and create alot of waste. 99% of all problems with fish disease start with poor water quality. clear water doesn't mean it is clean or free from toxins.

So far he has stopping acting that way. We have been treating the tank with Ick Attack for the last week (I did a 50% water change before this). Tonight I will be doing a water change that I perform once a a week it's usually about 35%. Their are 4 Parrots and 3 African Cichlids. It's a 55 gallon tank and everytime I do a water change I filter out the gravel. Nitrates were at 5% and everything else was good. I feed them once during the day, in the morning and usually try to get atleast 1 flake per fish.

i am sorry to tell you this but your tank is too small for 4 parrots and 3 africans. a 55 gallon can only hold three parrots .for the fish you have, i would upgrade to at least a 75 gallon minimum. africans are bad choices for parrots. they are fast and get very aggressive and parrots can't really defend them selfs against them.

well as of right now the parrots are only maybe 2inches and 'blue' (that had the swimming problem) is even small. But now he has black spots again, which didnt appear untill a couple days after treating the tank with ick attack.

black spots are usually caused by stress. stress can be caused by being picked on by other fish, adding new fish or not doing enough water changes and the tank being dirty.

I read that shortly after posting. Got rid of my African that was being very aggressive. So far they seem well, their are two africans left and they are only about two inches long and have always been very peaceful. So we will see how it goes

what type of africans do you have? not all africans are killers. kribs, jewels, yellow labs, acei, and blue dolphins are all pretty nice. most of them get meaner as they get older. most of the meanest are the ones that are in every shop though. kenyi, auratus, chipokee, elongatus, zebras, and little demonsani. a 55 is just barely undersized for 4 parrots, but as long as they each have a territory and you do at least 50% water changes weekly, you should be fine. you shouldn't change more than 50% at once. it would me much better to do two 30% water changes. as long as your 55 is one of the 48" long ones and not a hex than you should be ok. you will need good filtration depending on what africans you have, you may need another tank. weirder things have happened though. i have a firemouth in a tank full of mbuna and he is doing fine. he was causing problems in every other tank i put him in, and now he is a model citizen.

Last night and in the last couple days I had a black with blue spots cichlid that was being very aggressive so last night I took him back to the store. The only two africans left are yellow labs. So far so good, they have always been more layed back. But only time will tell the black one wasnt so aggressive either untill the zebra died.

yellow labs will be fine. they may end up hiding alot if your parrots end up being aggressive, but i have never seen my labs chase or attack anyone even during breeding. i even ended up with two males and one female and none of them fight. that is a deadly combo for most africans. they do breed like rabbits, and with only parrots in there to try to eat them, you may end up with alot of babies. that is one thing that i really like about them is how easy hey are to breed.

Yea they do chase each other alot but are still pretty small. The only parrot that is any bit aggressive(for the most part) is the small blue one. He has taken charge since day 1, pretty sure he is the one that killed the two zebra's. He has always chased the african's away from his 'mushroom'.

blue parrot? is it dyed? i got a new fish today... a marmalade cat for my mbuna tank. my wife says that he is ugly. i think he is awesome.he looks like an OB zebra but, he has blue also. he really doesn't appear to be very aggressive, which may be a problem if he can't defend himself. i can't wait til he ges older because he is going to get more blue, from what i hear.