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BPS with Spotted Gars

I just bought in 2 small spotted gars with my pair of BPS. I had bigger BPS but I have got them exchanged for a pair of small BPS.

Spotted Gars seem to be very peaceful creatures and do not seem to bother about the parrots nor do the parrots bother.

The Parrots keep themselves busy playing with eachother. I have also upgraded to a 75 gallon tank last week.

Will keep you guys updated about the gars!! Has anyone tried this combination before.



from what i have read about gars, you are going to need a bigger tank. it sounds like you will need a 250 gallon long tank for them minimum but that even seems small because they get 36-48". it is NOT true that fish only grow to the size of their environment. so be ready to spend some money in the future. arrowanas are another long fish that get deformities if kept in too small a tank. gars are predators and will eat fish that fit in ther mouths. they shouldn't be kept with pl*cos because, ple*os will suck on the side of the gars and cause infections. gars do not do well with aggressive fish in their tanks. gars need live food untill you can get them to eat frozen food. you will have to teach them to eat frozen food. you should google "spotted gar" and find out more about your fish. these are monsters and the only way they would work in your tank is if you got a gar look alike that isn't a true gar. fish stores often sell these others (needlefish is one example) as gars.

Things are still looking fine....

I understand that I will need a much bigger tank. But I have specially got these gars imported to India. Maybe I will let them have a separate bigger tank in future..

Shaz, your comments are awaited.

they are very cool fish. it is like having a dinosaur in your tank. the guy on the other site i go to has a 600 gallon tank with 4 gars in it. it looks awesome. i am glad you were aware of their size potential when you got them. so many people buy baby fish and put them in tanks that they will out grow in months because they just don't research their fish before they buy them.