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Color change?

I have 2 BPS in a 60 gallon Tank. One i just adopted the other day and another i had been keeping in a 10 gal for a week or so with other fish (which i know is wrong) well they were both pretty pale looking and seemed happy now they are a darker orange still happy i was wondering if the paleness was caused by stress of their changed environment and what causes color change in the BPs?


well it depends. did you add any other fish to their tank? are they getting picked on? are you doing a 30% water change every 2 weeks? yes paleness is caused by stress in almost every fish. if they are dark orange they are happy.

moving causes stress too. parrots are almost like having a bad water detector in your aquarium. if they get pale, you do a big water change and they go back to normal. if it is a new tank, you will need to buy a test kit for ammonia, nitrite, ph, and nitrate. the best one because it has all the figures for actual toxic ammonia and nitrite is the wardley master professional test kit. toxic ammonia is based on your ph and temperature. the lower your ph and temperature the lower percentage of your total ammonia is actually toxic. it also doesn't give a false positive if you use an ammonia neutralizer.