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White Spots

I can see white spots on both my BPS. Their colour has also turned pale.

One of them is not eating and remains on the upper edge of the water always and is not moving around the tank.

Is it suffering from some disease or is it the water. I changed 25% of water in my tank yesterday. I feed them only blood worms.

Is something wrong? I am from India. So, please describe any medication for the BP in detail as all medications are not available in India.

Please reply



You need a treatment for ick,malachite green is good,but there are others if you have trouble getting hold of it do water changes while you are waiting but if you have a second tank transfer the fish to it and treat them there ,without a host the ick dies off in about a week in a empty tank, , while treating fish don't do water changes until you have completed the treatment even if the fish seem better vacuum the gravel well,it is highly contagious and if you don't get rid of it properly you can have repeated out breaks raise the temp to speed up the effects of any medication,you may want to add a little aquarium salt, ick looks like salt or sugar sprinkled over the fish,it could be velvet but ick (or white spot)is the most common, read up on it

it's has to be ick.there has to be at least 1 ick medication in your LFS. i get mine from a freind who gets medications on the internet.add a little aquariam salt to your tank and do water changes every 3 or 4 days a week.

Thanx for your posts.

Actually I was so much in love for my BPS that I have handed them over to the pet shop owner. He said he will medicate the BPS at his shop and return them back to me.

I was not sure whether I will be able to handle this and did not want it to pass away.

Thanx as always.

Have you any other fish in your tank?Even if your tank is empty go back and take advice on what to do, I think that if your tank is empty the ick(which swims about in water )dies off in about three days, but if you have other fish ( even without spots) the tank needs medicating. to avoid ick in the future never buy plants which are in a tank with fish, never buy fish from a tank with dead or off colour fish in,don't add the water in the bag that the fish come in (put new water in a bucket,add dechlorinator,bring up temp ect,remove fish into bucket then throw away pet shop water, lots of fish have an immunity to ick themselves but can pass it on and best of all if you have a spare tank use it to isolate new fish for a few days before adding to the tank,ick is really,really common,if not treated it can in extreme cases kill your fish, you will learn a lot from this,how great that your fish shop is willing to do this for you, PS, don't just feed bloodworm, add a little variety

Thanx Shaz and waldoparrot

Your comments were really helpful like always.

I am proud to be a part of this website.

Thanx again.