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my red blood parrot fish

can red blood parrot fish eat meat ? i was just wondering ! cus i read that they are omnivours and doesnt that mean that can eat fish food , plants , and meat ? not sure !



im sure BPs are omnivore(meat/veggies).I feed mine red flake food daily, peas or corn 2 to 3 times a week, and every so often little pieces of cooked meat(chicken,turkey,pork chop, etc.)

hahahaha, I didn't know you could give parrots actual MEAT... like bird meat! i am so giving mine some left over turkey! i never would have thought of that
(mine really like little pieces of boiled carrots and left over strawberry cores too..)

I give mine tiny bits of cooked chicken,mince and prawns,they also love bit sized bits of cooked peas,sweetcorn,and the soft part of a cucumber,

i'll try that i hope they like it so anyway thanks !

Wow, this is new and interesting information. I wonder if they would eat a little hard boiled egg? Mine love the peas - especially Punch who grabs every one I put in there before anyone else has a chance. They also like pieces of raw spinich - but not as much as the peas. Recently I read somewhere that they also like bits of oranges - haven't tried that tho. Now I see I can try lots of other stuff. I have zucchini in my fridge...I'm going to try that this weekend. They are such chowhounds - but cute chowhounds nonetheless.

wow im gona try those new yummy little things like "peas" for my cute little bps! thanksyou much:)))

i don't feed any meat from animals. no beefheart, fish, worms, or veggies only in my tanks. i have cut up raw shrimp and they will come out from hiding for that. hard boiled eggs will make a mess if you aren't careful. some people feed them to fry, but again i don't, and most likely will never try it. the people that i have talked to about it do massive water changes (like 75%) after feeding eggs.

Actuallyi I hadn't thought about the mess with egg... it was only a quick thought as I was reading the post. Anyway I would not want to have to do a 75% water change! I might try some tiny tiny pieces of cooked chicken to see how they like it - and if they won't take it I can take it right out - they are almost taking food out of my hand now. I do plan to vary the veggies they eat now. They are funny with the peas and can't get enough.

i feed my parrots those special "osi" pellets but i also feed them many many diffrent kinds of (Frozen but once live foods)! i feed my parrots large/jumbo krill, river shrimp, blood worms, brime shrimp, lance fish, crickets (not live ones, they can realy choke them, plus they are so grossss an i only feed them caned ones and they hardly get them), i also fed them red, purple and green sea algea. And when i give them this food i always feed them by hand, they will only eat from my fingers, this also helps my parrot darleen who "of corse has a deformed mouth, it helps her eat her food alot easier" my younger parrots "Hickie and Emily" dont have a bad mouth yet, thankgoodness, i feel so bad that they cant close there mouths an have to chew with there throught musles:,( but ilove them enough to feed them the right thingsto keep there color and to keep them healthy! i really varie their diets, but thanks for some feeding tips!:) BUT i heard hat you should NEVER EVER feed them bread or any kind of dough, i will xpand in their bellies an kill them:,,,,(.

Hi mine only hand feed also! Love peas without shell , chiclid sticks, chiclid pellets blood worms frzen, brine shrimp. They suck the food in. They dont like flakes to much.

i dint know you could give your cute little bps these human foods, i was always scared id get them sick.Thankyou muuch!!!!!:))))