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my red blood parrot fish is agressive !

my red blood parrot fish is head bumping my other fish ! and he wont stop i dont know what to do ! is it normal or is he not getting along with the other fish ! the other fish dont do anything about it they just swim away are they scared ! im not sure ! any advice ?
p.s im new with red blood parrot fish help means alot to me !



OK, time to chill out,how long have you had these fish? have you had cichlids before? This is, I think normal blood parrot behaviour, all cichlids display aggressive behaviour,many are worse than parrots!!! when you say other fish you do mean your other blood parrots don't you ?provide hiding places for your fish, you were worried that one of your fish was frightened of swimming to the top of the tank,there may be reasons why he doesn't go to the top but being frightened of swimming there is not one of them, My advise to you is read and reply to my previous answers to your questions (in which I said that bumping was normal unless it really gets out of hand) and then to read all the posts on this site to gain knowledge of how blood parrots are , don't worry, there are lots of people on this site to help you

between the i sent u the one where he did not want to eat and he is fine a little bit slower but now he is ! thank god ! i only have red blood parrot fish ! i do need to provide hiding places and i will . by the way thanks alot !