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Can this be ich?

I have 2 Parrot fish plus a few plecos in a 60 gallon tank. The tank has been established for years, and the 2 Parrots were the most recent additions, more than a year ago. They were thriving, until yesterday when I noticed white dots that looked like classic ich symptoms. I've never had ich in this tank before, so it seemed impossible, but I began treating with Rid Ich Plus. Today the white spots are nearly all gone. I see only one white spot now.


Jed The Fish On Bottom of Tank, tried everything - Suggestions?

I have 5 Blood Parrots and 2 Plecostomus in a 40 gallon tank.  No issues until about a month ago when Jed The Fish, a medium-sized Blood Parrot, started struggling to stay upright while swimming, then started spending more time on the bottom of the tank on his side.  No external spots or other signs.  Possible bloating, hard to tell but not extreme in any case.

I increased the temperature to about 88/90, added salt, did frequent water changes, & fed shelled peas.  No change.


Aggressive Blood Parrot, possible tank mates?

I'm back with another question for my murderess (ah yes, SURPIRSE, she's female not male!).  In her 40g breeder, she killed one BP and bullied the other so badly we had to rehome him.  She also killed four Green Tiger Barbs, and so we had to rehome the remaining school.  She's been laying clutch after clutch of eggs since she got the tank to herself, and has been alone and seemed sort of depressed for the past two months or so.  For my birthday this past week, I was given a brand spanking new 75 gallon tank, and my new stand is being shipped as I type this.  I've been told by several people


Worried about my Blood parrot new tank setup advice

Being Dumb!!!

Ok so i know nothing about blood parrots but for some reason one of mine won't come out of the cave and if it does it isn't for very long at all. Could it be a female protecting her eggs? If so how can I tell if they are ok?

Ick or not?

I have

White streaks on Fins

Hello everyone.  Can somebody tell me what these white/streaks/marks are from these pictures I took of my blood parrot.  

He’s acting completely fine and water is good and he eats well.  Not sure if this is something I should be concerned about and if so what to do about it.  Greatly appreciate your help.






Parrot fish laying eggs

I want to know whether my parrot fish is about to lay eggs. Because the shopkeeper said that she is about to lay eggs in 3 - 4 days.But I didn't see anything till now.IMG_20171004_003220_HHT.jpgIMG_20171004_003220_HHT.jpg

Behaviors? Normal or weird

I recently rescued   3 parrot fish(Larry, Moe and Curly) from Walmart.  They were in tiny tiny tank with many shark fish .  I had been fighting with this Walmart because the conditions were so horrible and one of the original 4 parrots ended up dying.

Parrot Fish Coloring

I know there are a bunch of previous posts about blood parrot color changes in these guys but of the ones I saw I couldnt find one that quite matched my situation. So when we first brought our little buddy home he still appeared relatively the same in color to what he was when we first got him. But then over the next few days we noticed he had considerably faded in color. We figured this was normal since he was simply still adjusting to his new home so we waited thinking it might take a day or two for him to warm up to the new place.


Rare but funny behavior

I have noticed my own parrot to do this sometimes as well as when we got the guy some of his fellow tank mate parts exhibited this same behavior when they're just casually sitting there their lips will open and extend outwards. It reminds me of a characteristic of a kissing gourami but does not happen nearly as often. I was just wondering if anyone else has seem this in there parrots of maybe if my fish just is an isolated case of craziness haha.

A bully and a killer

In mid-april, I bought three young "blood parrots" from my local fish store (I use quotation marks because the two that survived only have the blood parrot color and mouth, but a very regular cichlid body).  Within the first few months, as some may remember from my previous posts, the two that were related had killed my Piebald, Sophie.  Calcifer is the main aggressor, and STILL even bullies his little brother when the mood strikes him.  I decided to buy some darting fish for him, to maybe ease his aggressive behavior toward his brother, Green Tiger Barbs (recommended by the fish store).

Eek! a LEAK!!....

In the fishkeeping hobby, there are few things as feared or panic-inducing as discovery of a leak. Be it obvious and gushing, or not, the frustration of it can be disheartening... And this is how my dealing with one went:

One night--while bedside to my tank--I found water between the lower framing and the dresser-top the tank sits upon. Knowing how sloppy it's water-changes sometimes go, I simply mopped it up and thought nothing more of it.

Then it happened...


We have had our parrot cichlids for about 5  years and I've noticed that one of the fish has a very narrow mouth and has difficulty eating. We have tried flake food, blood worms and pellets and she (who knows if it is female) can't seem to suck in the food effectively. Anybody hav any thought on how to help her or what other foods we should try?




A Surprise While Laying [Eggs] In the [Moon] Rocks.

Well, it's been a rough few weeks since my last posting... 

Sherbet started bullying Zipper again, forcing me to remove Zipper for awhile. I then grew tired of seeing Zipper in that makeshift tank--made of a transparent storage container--and of the Iridescent Sharks as well, since all they did was swim in the corner with their noses against the glass. I wantedcto reintroduce Zipper, but I didn't want her to be nervous and always hiding, nor Sherbet to keep bullying Zipper.

It's then I realized what needed doing: Having to "break" them both!

A Surprise While Laying [Eggs] In the [Moon] Rocks.

A Surprise While Laying [Eggs] In the [Moon] Rocks.

The Return of Sherbet... And a Pairing!

For those of you whom haven't seen my videos thus-far, I will tell of what has occurred in my little community in the past two weeks.
My male Parrot Cichlid--Sherbet--had been showing off signs of aggression... Namely, attacking his own reflection in the tank's glass. I figured this as a sign that he needed a mate, and immediately got him one--Zipper, a female Parrot Cichlid that seemed barely older than another Parrot Cichlid female I once had that paired-off early.

Thinking of Adding A Flower Horn

Hello Mike,


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