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Being Dumb!!!

Ok so i know nothing about blood parrots but for some reason one of mine won't come out of the cave and if it does it isn't for very long at all. Could it be a female protecting her eggs? If so how can I tell if they are ok?


This isn't unusual, if they're newly introduced to the tank. As long as they lack any dark marks--stress indicators--they're fine. They probably just need to become accustomed to you... something you can help by being around the tank a lot, in a relaxing manner such reading or watching television. 

Once they're accustomed to you, they will gladly appear... usually around feeding time, then more with time.

Oh! And if they do have eggs, don't worry... They'll just eat whatever ones go bad without any harm to themselves. But if you're curious as to if there are any, just shine a UV-light ("blacklight") flashlight where they might be laying eggs. If you see tiny little balls of white, then you've found them!