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Parrot fish laying eggs

I want to know whether my parrot fish is about to lay eggs. Because the shopkeeper said that she is about to lay eggs in 3 - 4 days.But I didn't see anything till now.IMG_20171004_003220_HHT.jpgIMG_20171004_003220_HHT.jpg



   The first and most critical question of whether or not a fish is about to lay eggs is this: Does it have a mate with which it has paired-off with? 

A simple--and admittedly silly--question, but the most important of all in relation to fish spawning. And as you answer this question, keep in mind that Parrot Cichlids will only mate with their own like or near-cousin species of fish... such as  Flowerhorns or Convict Cichlids, or ever Texas Cichlids. And when they pair-off, they perform a mating-dance in which they circle each-other, then attempt to bite-down on each-others lip and hold-on tightly, while the one being held tries to breakaway.

After several rounds of this, the paired couple then select a nesting spot... and either prepare it for the laying & fertilization of eggs, usually by clearing-away a small area in the substrate (gravel, sand, what have you...) or just finding a secluded spot inside one of the pieces of décor. When the eggs themselves are laid, you will notice them: small and white, and together in a group in some small area. Looking about with a ultraviolet light will highlight them, as they will reflect a distinctive appearance that separates it from the surface they're laid upon.

It's at this point I must inform you of something disheartening...

Parrot Cichlids are--much like a mule--a hybrid species, so getting two to spawn successfully is highly unlikely.

Supposedly, only 3-5% of Parrot Cichlid males--in the world--are fertile. Most made available at the hobby level are sterile, to the point of better than 99%. And the odds of someone outside the fish-farming profession obtaining one that isn't borders on winning a large lottery jackpot. Because of this, most breeders will make attempts at getting Parrot Cichlid females to mate with one of the two species they are based upon: Red-head Cichlids, Red Devil Cichlids or Gold Severums. This, however, dilutes the genetics of the species and results in lackluster stock that typically gets pawned-off to unscrupulous live-fish retailers, such as discount superstores.

However... if you are serious about getting your Parrot Cichlid to spawn, and don't mind getting an unusual new hybrid-species as a result, you could try pairing yours with one of the species I listed near the top of this article. Just remember to provide conditions--as I've mentioned above--that are suitable for their needs... and look into another article I've written here about acclimatization of a new, potential mate to a tank with an established hierarchy. 

Good-luck... and here's hoping things go "swimmingly"!



I have an 8 inch parrot fish that started developing lumpy sides a few weeks ago. It eats well, bug bites, cichid pellets, frozen bloodworms and krill and is in with another parrot.   These guys have been together for 15 or so years and are very peaceful in their 29 gallon tank.  I need ideas on what is causing the lumpy sides.  I do regular water changes and am on well water.


I did not see replies to your post and wondering if you found out what the lumps are.  I was happy to read how long you've had these fish.