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Rare but funny behavior

I have noticed my own parrot to do this sometimes as well as when we got the guy some of his fellow tank mate parts exhibited this same behavior when they're just casually sitting there their lips will open and extend outwards. It reminds me of a characteristic of a kissing gourami but does not happen nearly as often. I was just wondering if anyone else has seem this in there parrots of maybe if my fish just is an isolated case of craziness haha.


Having kept both Parrot Cichlids and angelfish--basically another form of cichlid--I too have observed the same behavior froom them timt-to-time. I can't say exactly what this action is... or why... but since they dodraw water in, to pass over their gills to breathe, I'd guess it's kinda like when mammals yawn: a way to draw-in a large burst of air, while expelling CO2--to recharge the blood-system with oxygen when one has been breathing shortly for awhile.

So relax... It's nothing to get out-of-breath about! :D

HAHA thanks, I didn't think it was just really interested in learning as much as I can about these little guys 

Yeah, I know how that is...

Ever since I reentered the hobby two years ago, it's been educational every step of the way. Too-many fish in the tank? Get a bigger tank, or increase filtration. Got an ammonia bloom? Check tank cleanliness, filters and rate of turnover. Nitrates okay, but nitrite levels skyrocketing? Do a 50% water change--immediately! Plus check in-tank circulation, and add/increase biological filtration.

I even find myself guilty of rookie mistakes, after all I've learned, and all this time. But I try not to let it discourage me... and once I've found & applied a solution that works, I'm once again glad to take part in this hobby.

Haha sounds very familiar to the stuff i am going through currently but hey maybe you can help me with one other question im having. this link is to my other post that I am eager to get an answer too if you could help that would be great.