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Blood Parrot is floating upside down - Yikes!!!

For the last four days, my BP has been belly up in the tank (alive, btw). I rescued her from PetCo in August 2016. She was given to them as a fully grown BP by someone who was moving and couldn't take her with him. She was being kept in a plant tank at PetCo with ~65 degree water. THey said if you want her, take her. Anyway, she's been doing very well these past ~11 months. She's been iin a 55 gallon tank with 3 smaller tank mates. Then, abut 4 days ago, she started to exhibit swim bladder issues, namely floating belly up and not being able to swim very deep without turning and floating to the top. What I've tried so far:

1) three days ago, I gave her a pea and no other food. No change by the next day.

2) Yesterday June 22, I did a 50% water change to the 55 gallon tank. I added 1 tablespoon of Epsom salts  per 10 gallons. Gave her another pea. By this morning, June 23, no change.

3) This morning, I moved her to a 10 gallon hospital tank. Added Furan-2, an antibiotic recommed by the aquarium store near me. I also added aquarium salts (1 tbls / 5 gallons, or 2 tbls). By 10:30 this evening, no change. 

The water parameters of the 55 gallon tank were all within the acceptable range and 80% F. The parameters of the hospital tank are: PH 7.6, Ammonia, Nitrite, and Nitrate, all zero. She seems fine otherwise. She has no other signs of any other disease, such as ick, fin rot, etc. I did give her some other food this evening, which she struggled to get to at the bottom of the tank, but did. 

So, what next? I'm also worried that with her belly now bobbing above the surface, she might get another infection. 

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I had a goldfish called "Eggdrop" who spent his whole life upside down. Most of the time he could keep himself below the water but when he got to the point where his belly would float up above the surface, I provided him with a slice of PVC pipe that he could rest in.

Eventually he died, but he had a fairly happy life for about 5 years. You can read more about him here: