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Which parrot to separate?


I have three blood parrots, and have had two of them for about a month now.  The third, I got a week ago.  Treated him with API general cure, then released him into the tank with the other two.  At first, the smaller new one was bullied a lot.  I redecorated the tank, rearranged, and added several smaller hides, along with a large Anubias (rinsed from a healthy tank I keep my male betta in) to give the smaller one somewhere to hide.  He got braver, started standing up for himself, and then it just became a bullying free-for-all.  Now the laid back original one (not the bully) has black spots on her tail, is staying sunk on the bottom of the tank, and constantly dragging against the sand.  The aggressive original parrot has been showing extreme spawning behavior.  At this point, I plan to seperate one parrot, but don't know which should be seperated.

The original two got along fine until the third was introduced.

But one of the original two has a much softer mouth, and may be safer by herself.

Then again, the bully of the original two may be the cause for all of it.


I'm going to get some PraziPro for her, in case she has flukes causing the itching, and dose all three fish.  Could they have harmed her swim bladder by charging her?  I'll give you the parameters of the tank:


40 gallon breeder with a Cascade 1000, and a 30 gallon sponge filter for good measure and oxygenation.  A bubble tube is in there also.

pH is 8.0 (I'm going to slowly lower it a bit, as this is high)

ammonia and nitrites are both at 0, with a nitrate reading of 20.  50% water change is scheduled for today.

Tempurature is currently set to 82 degrees

None of the three is larger than two inches, and this 40 gallon is simply a growout tank until they're larger, when they'll be going in a 120 gallon.



p.s.  be prepared for lots of posts from me.  I want to give them the best quality life I possibly can, and experienced owners are such a good place for answers.  Thank you so much in advance for your help!



I put the worrying one in a quarantine tank floated in the 40g breeder, and she's swimming normally and her gills are smaller again.  Could she have been stressed by the bullying?  I'll still dose her with PraziPro just to be safe, but she seems more relaxed already!

Wow... Only three in a 40-gal. breeder, none of them bigger than 2", and you have such a serioud bullying problem?

I hate to say this, but it seems best that the bully be removed... or, get it a mate of it's own. I take it you've read my posting about the mating ritual/dance Parrot cichlids do, so I'll spare going into that and tell you simply: The bully needs either removal from  the community, or to be paired with a new mate of it's own. 


I've kept 4 [mature] Parrot Cichlids or 4-6" length in a 40-gal breeder (Just like yours!) along with a Iridescent Shark that reached a length of 14", and they all got-along well... just as long as all the Parrot Cichlids each had someplace to take cover. 

If all else fails, you could do what I did: Place the bully into a smaller tank with a sizable number of other Parrot Cichlids in it, and watch it get tamed-down by how overwhelming it's situation is.