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Gender Opinions? (Pictures included)

The blue eyed piebald is Sophie (I think female?)

The solid is Calcifer (Male?)

Calcifer has gone a bright peach on his underbelly, which seems to be male spawning colors from what I've read, and he's become very aggressive.  Sophie is a sweetheart and a homebody, tending to stay in the cave unless I offer to pet her.


SIDE NOTE:  Is it common for blood parrots to have those irridescant blue spots on their tails, or is it a sign of a different breed put into them?  Calcifer's have become SO blue and vibrant in the light.



He's starting to come out and explore!  : )

Well! You certainly have quite a few questions to answer... Let's begin with gender-identity:

Aside from when their respective tubes protrude from their underbellies, just forward of their anus... my experience is the most-common & "clearest" method of sexing is by shape of the trailing tip of their dorsal-fin. Males are more rounded, while females are more pointed. 

As for the irridescent blue spots on the tail... Well, past ones I've kept had them. So....

One of them has turned bright-red under it's cheeks? That's a sign of being "in-heat", alright... But tell me this: Has a male & female "paired-off" yet? This is usually proceded by a bonding dance, in which two begin circling each-other at first, then attempt to bite-down on one-another's upper-lip. The opposing one then attempts to break-free from the other's clamping force, and it is repeated several times before they swim-off to prepare an area for spawning... Usually by excavating into the substrate, or by designating even a relatively smooth, flat area on an object or inside of a recess/cave. One--usually the female (in my experience)--will remain by the laid eggs to defend them, while the other patrols the area. When an "outsider" intrudes close to the nest... usually another cichlid... one or more of the defenders will begin a head-on "see-sawing" charging at each-other until the invader has left. 

Tell is all I can tell you, relevant to the questions you've asked... All I can tell you now is if any pairing you have spawn successfully, congradulations!: You just "dumb-lucked" onto a way to make good money, as pure-bred BPs are hard to find... and are worth quite a bit!


Good-luck & here's hoping all goes "swimmingly"!...