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Is My Parrot Healthy?

Hello, I am just wondering if my parrot cichlid is healthy! Please respond! :) 



A picture is worth a thousand words, but doesn't always tell the whole story.

Yes, your Parrot Cichlid appears healthy... But without knowing further details--behavior, eating-habits, genital appearance...--it's hard to say. Beest I can tell from this sole pic is:

It's male, matured & doesn't have Ich.

As for what appears to be an odd notch in it's anal & tail fins, don't worry... It's grow-back.

Write again when you have more details... And get more pictures! the more we can see & know about whatever issues you may have question about, the better we can help you.


Thanks for the feedback Mike! About the tail and anal fins, it is just weird angles in the picture. The anal fins actual are a pair but the picture makes it appear different. The tail was also taken in a weird angle like the anal fins! I am mainly worried about its genital area as it is sometimes a pale-ish color. Thanks once again! 


What's considered "discoloration" really isn't uncommon with this species. Many others--myself included--have noted odd discoloration of their examples, while the fish in-question is [otherwise] in good health. Often this is a trick of the light... The type & brightness, along with the material used for the tank's construction--glass or acrylic--will effect their appearance. Sometimes it's because of stressful conditions, such as bullying or lack of proper care. Often times, it's just something they go through... for no apparent reason at-all.

I wouldn't fret over it... But if you really want to try improving it's color--and I can't believe I'm gonna suggest this--try starting it on a diet of Hikari's Blood Parrot & Flowerhorn pellets. Though I didn't note any proof with mine to their claim that it provides improvement in color (greater redness) during the brief time I used it, you might have better luck with it than I. Just remember: Much like how Flamingos get their color from a diet of shrimp, and how some folks get yellowish skin from eating too-much beta-carotene, any other fish that that begin to feed on this supplement may have an unexpected change of coloration... If not a change in total-health from eating something unsuitable for the given species.

I wish you luck, Bob... And, like with all that return to me over advice here, hope that all for you & yours goes "swimmingly".